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The hottest ticket in town

Apparently your student card is your ticket to the “hottest night spot” in town (for final year students at least), according to this article in The Tab.  Not sure quite how we managed that but it is good to be popular.

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How not to lose your work

A new year has dawned and the Library is getting busy, which suggests many of you might be starting to record results, write literature reviews and generally start writing up projects you have been working on.  With a continuous stream

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Silence is golden

Talking in the Individual Silent Study zones is likely to end with someone asking you to move somewhere else. The same thing tends to happen in shared houses, where it is even more of a problem! Try not to treat others

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Where’s my stuff?

All Library spaces are shared study spaces.  No study space may ‘reserved’ by leaving possessions there while you are elsewhere.  Please think of your colleagues who need the space as much as you do and leave your study space clear when

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Enhancements to Library security

We have recently increased the low-key security team presence overnight to help ensure all our clients are kept safe and secure.  Between 9pm and 4am, an extra member of security staff will be present near the turnstile entrances to the Library café.

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In search of what is found

Left your USB stick complete with all your assignments saved to it in one of the hundreds of computers in the Library?*  Got halfway home before your realised you were missing your scarf?  Wondering whether one handout got separated from all the rest; possibly left

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Look after your laptop and other valuables

It is a truism that we know precisely who is in the building at any time and ensure regular security patrols of all areas so crime rates are particularly low in the University but as police worldwide habitually advise, low crime does

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Stolen laptop?

PC Fairbrother advises that if you have your laptop, or a UoP laptop, stolen you should contact the IT helpdesk as they are able to track the laptop using its unique MAC address. If another person logs in using their

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Calling all cyclists

Upgrade your bicycle lock for free Older style cable locks give very poor security for your bike, so UPSU (the Students Union) now offer to swap your old cable lock for a brand new D-lock for free at the last Monday Market of

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Free access this month to Taylor & Francis’ “electronic media” collection

Taylor & Francis’ Communication Theme of the Month Collection this November is “Electronic media”: the study of radio, television, media technology, and web design with streaming audio and video.  Until 30 November, you can get free additional digital content on: Cyber-security Learning Diversity

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