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Love it? Lock it!

Update 18.05.18 – Change of date: the bicycle security marking team are now coming between 1-3 pm on Friday 18 May and Thursday 31 May. Don’t lose your bike to cycle thieves.  Chat to the police and council cycle security

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Staying safe and secure: advice from the police

It’s more sociable and safer to travel to and from university with your friends but with the wintry days growing shorter our friends in the Hampshire Constabulary Community Support Service have offered some extra advice on staying safe when out

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Stay safe and have a wonderful time at University

There are a lot of things to think about when you get to University but wherever you are you should always keep safety and security in mind.  Just following a few simple precautions will help keep you and your stuff safe

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Walls have ears and train carriages have eyes

If you ever find yourself working on a multi-million pound business deal or indeed just updating your LinkedIn profile in public, you should always be aware who may be watching, listening, and waiting a few paces away with a USB

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Annual temporary pass allowance increased

The number of times you can use the Temporary Pass Kiosk to request a temporary pass that allows you to enter the Library (but not borrow laptops, book or access bookable rooms) has just increased from 10 to 12 times each year.  This

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Stress less while you work: saving your work

Don’t let it be you! Every week we get heartbreaking tales from students who have forgotten to back up their vital work, dissertations, coursework assignments, job applications and more to their N-drive and whose memory stick has been left in a

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There is (only) room if we all share

We have enough study space for everyone but only if everyone shares the space we have.  If you are leaving the Library, please take your belongings with you and leave your study space clear and clean – we have desk cleaning

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The hottest ticket in town

Apparently your student card is your ticket to the “hottest night spot” in town (for final year students at least), according to this article in The Tab.  Not sure quite how we managed that but it is good to be popular.

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How not to lose your work

A new year has dawned and the Library is getting busy, which suggests many of you might be starting to record results, write literature reviews and generally start writing up projects you have been working on.  With a continuous stream

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Silence is golden

Talking in the Individual Silent Study zones is likely to end with someone asking you to move somewhere else. The same thing tends to happen in shared houses, where it is even more of a problem! Try not to treat others

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