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Beyond Google

“Google is coming after critics in academia and journalism. It’s time to stop them.” ~ Zephyr Teachout Is there anything Google cannot do?  Is there anything Google soon will not decide it should not do?  By the time you rule the world,

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Looking at the web through a new lens: Google Lens

Have you come across Google Lens yet?  It’s Google’s attempt to identify and offer information about what is in a photograph you take.  Useful if you are trying to identify famous landmarks, brutally effective for cheating with both hands in the pictures round of a pub

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Full Text links in Google Scholar not working (resolved)

Update 21.12.16 – The FullText@Portsmouth links have reappeared in Google Scholar today and appear to be working again. Update 15.12.16 – Ebsco are working with Google to re-establish working FullText@Portsmouth links.  Ebsco tentatively predicts that these links will begin working again from

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21 new uses for Google

Academic research is not one of them.  Librarians often bemoan what Google does badly (like finding all the useful papers for assignments) but here are 21 things Google now does that are really rather useful in everyday life. 21 Google Tricks

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Using Nexis for business research

The newspaper database Nexis has changed its searching options making it easier to use. This revised layout may look familiar to those of you who use Discovery.

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Search and Discovery

With a single place to search everything you own, the Discovery Service makes perfect sense.

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Finding Journal Titles in the Library

Observant returning students may have noticed that the journals tab has disappeared from the search widget at the top of Library webpages. This is because our Discovery service has been updated to incorporate journals as part of the core service

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Finding Theses

We’ve made it a little easier to find University of Portsmouth theses which are held in our Parade repository. Just go to the Library website and select Information Resources -> Theses (or, if you prefer http://www.port.ac.uk/library/infores/theses). A simple search box

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The Web is 25 Today

Today is the 25th anniversary of Sir Tim Berners-Lee submitting a paper entitled “Information Management: A Proposal” which  served as the basis for what we all now know as the World Wide Web.  But in the early ’90s, the early

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how google works

This is rather a useful graphic to help get your head around Google: http://ppcblog.com/how-google-works/

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