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Wireless network refurbishment (15 February)

On Thursday 15 February, contractors will be replacing the high level wireless access points in Area 2B, the OA computing rooms, pooled space teaching rooms and the Postgraduate Suite.  Disruption to wireless access should be minimal.  A scissor lift will be required for

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Resolved: Minor construction work in Area 0B (29-30 November)

Preparatory electrical works and construction of a stud wall for the installation of the 60 additional laptop loan lockers in Area 0B will begin on Wednesday 29th November.  This will start with the electrical works.  A small area of Area 0B

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Open Access room PC refresh

We are updating the PCs in several of our computer rooms as part of the ongoing refurbishment programme that keeps all our facilities as reliable, fresh and powerful as you would expect from a leading library.

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It’s raining sweets!

We have completed the roofing project.  Thank you for your patience while we weathered Winter together and struck out into Spring.  Finally, we have a roof that can withstand all weathers, only now it’s raining sweets! To celebrate the completion

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Minor lighting disruption in Area 1A (Tuesday 25th April) (resolved)

On the morning of Tuesday 25th April between 8-9 am, the lighting in Area 1A will be turned off while the University electricians replace a contact on the circuit.  During this time the emergency lighting in this area will continue

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Alternative Library entrance on Sunday, 12th March 2017 (resolved)

As part of the ongoing refurbishment, the condensers for the new ventilation system will arrive on Sunday, 12th March 2017, when they will be lifted into position by crane.  While the crane is in use, you will only be able

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Electrical work in Atrium (Thursday 16th February) (resolved)

Work will be taking place to replace the defective bulbs in the lights in the wood paneling in the area around the entrance turnstiles in the early morning of Thursday 16th February.  The existing bulbs will be replaced with LED bulbs

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Roofing progress: reopening Areas 0A and 1A (resolved)

Update 08.02.17 – All the books in Area 0A are now available.  Both the ground and first floors are completely open and accessible. Update 07.02.17 – The books in Area 1A are now reshelved in order.  A small number of books remain

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Roofing project update: work moves to Area 2C

Areas 0A and 1A have now been re-opened, cleaned and cleared for you to use again.  The roofing work has now moved to Area 2C.  A platform has been installed around the windows in Area 2C while the roof windows in this area

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Current shelf marks unavailable (30 January 2017 update)

Work towards completing the replacement of the windows in the roof above Area 0A continues with scissor lifts in operation along one side of the building.  We regret that a larger area of shelving has now been temporarily taped off on

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