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Please leave your workspace as you would like to find it

Thank you for helping us to keep your Library a clean and pleasant place for everyone to work.  With so many students using the Library, the only way we can keep your workspace clean and free from mice is for

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Clean and clear

We employ professional cleaning staff for longer than ever before to help keep the Library clean and pleasant.  Thank you for helping us recycle over 85% of our rubbish and take such good care of your colleagues and your workspace.

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Recycle your batteries here

Lots of Christmas presents here is a bucket for recycling batteries on the Library Reception Desk. The University Estates Department then collects and empties them when they are full and disposes of them in an environmentally friendly way.

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Books as art

Rather a curious and interesting contribution from L (thank you): http://www.slaw.ca/2012/02/23/dont-dumpster-that-book-a-life-as-art-awaits-it/ We try hard not to throw books away but have not quite tried anything like that yet!

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The Plastiki Expedition

http://www.theplastiki.com/ Simple really – a boat made of plastic bottles, sailing around the world. Thanks to S for finding this.

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Desk of Recycled Books

Less than a year ago the Architecture Library at the Delft University of Technology was engulfed by fire. Amazingly the new library is now open and features an amazing enquiry desk made from recycled books! http://inhabitat.com/tu-delft-architecture-library-opens-with-desk-of-recycled-books/

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Extreme repurposing

Here are a few bizarre ways to reuse everyday objects for a different purpose. The paint brush idea looks almost sensible. The reuse of the buoyancy aid, however, looks like a fire risk. http://reubenmiller.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/10/extreme-repurpo.html

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Book furniture

TOTD loves this desk made from recycled books, which has been created for the architecture library at Delft Unversity of Technology. http://inhabitat.com/2010/09/13/tu-delft-architecture-library-opens-with-desk-of-recycled-books/ We make good use of other people’s cast-offs too. Did you know, for example, that our Map Library

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Coke can Big Ben

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/7430113.stm Makes a change from Lego…

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