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Come recycle with us!

Welcome to 2020! One of our new year’s resolutions is to become still more sustainable, recycle more and send less to landfill.  For this, we need your help! One of our biggest problems is that recycling gets mixed up and

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Please help us go green!

We have been going green steadily for years now and have won a silver NUS Sustainability Award for our efforts, of which we are really proud.  We recycle over 80% (sometimes nearer 90%!) of our rubbish, but we know we

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Is recyling cups a mug’s game?

Which is more environmentally friendly: paper cups that you recycle or ceramic cups that get washed up? Most consumers reportedly believe that paper cups have a lower carbon footprint and less environmental impact.  In reality, only a very few recycling plants

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I like my recycling dry, like my fishtini

Our resident penguin would like a very brief word: Thank you for helping us achieve a recycling rate of 85% and above.  If everyone poured away their unwanted drink into the blue bin sections before recycling their cups and lids,

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When bins overflow

When the bins on the café side are overflowing, try dropping your rubbish off in the bin just around the corner and past the Welcome Desk.  It is usually empty because it gets overlooked.  It is much easier to wander

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Turner & Paige no.32 Oct. 9th 2015

© 2015 University of Portsmouth Library

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Staying sociable

One of the most surest ways to antagonise other people is to leave them to clear up after you. Whether this is walking away from your half-empty drink can and sandwich box you have left on a desk in the Library

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New sustainability resource: Sustainable Organisational Library

The Sustainable Organisational Library (SOL) contains more than 10,000 fully and individually searchable chapters, case studies and journal articles from across more than 800 book and journal volumes.  The Sustainable Organisational Library is both a source of practical information and

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Bronze NUS Green Impact award for the University Library

The University Library recently received the bronze NUS Green Impact award, being recognized alongside other University departments today at the NUS Green Impact awards for promoting and improving our environmental performance.  Barbara Anders and Michele Game, the Library’s named “Green Champion” (pictured),

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Folding soggy paper is an art form

Origami artist Hoang Tien Quyet creates softer, curved folds using an origami technique called ‘wet-folding’.  Unfortunately Mr Hoang does not currently work at our Library, and our efforts to create something attractive out of recycling paper soaked in leftover drink are not as successful.

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