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23+ tips for wellbeing in strange times #3 – Routinely relax and refocus

Giving yourself a gentle but thorough routine stretch and listening to a short podcast morning and evening helps reset the mind and can ease you into more new and healthy habits.

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Gold plating Chrome

Chrome has for years been by far the most popular browser (W3 Schools, 2015) and it now has some really useful extensions and plug-ins available on the Chrome Web Store to make it even more useful.  Here are a few of

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Speed read your way to success

Speed reading apps present help you to read text faster and more easily by presenting it just 1-6 words at a time (your choice), at a comfortably large size, centred on the page, and moving on at an adjustable rate from very slow

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Reading about reading

Reading is a curious habit, something you have to learn to begin with and persevere at until you get really good at it, when it becomes very useful and, well, fun.  Worrying then, that it is claimed to be a

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Move beyond text

The old methods of reading text from a page or screen and writing or typing are no longer the only ways you can work and learn.  Many people find reading and absorbing large volumes of text tiring, difficult, or just plain

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My favourite book?

It’s World Book Day. Across the UK, primary school children headed off to school this morning dressed as characters from their favourite books. Some wore lovingly crafted hand-made costumes, the product of hours of activity on the part of inventive

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Most read books?

Our science librarian has found this: http://www.mediabistro.com/galleycat/the-most-read-books-in-the-world-infographic_b51314 Thank you A.

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save our libraries

Just because Universities aren’t likely to completely dispose of their libraries overnight, doesn’t mean that the cuts to public libraries won’t affect them or the students who use them.  Libraries, learning, the love of books and reading – as well

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World Book Day

No library blog would be complete without a mention that today is World Book Day – a celebration of books and reading in the UK and the Repubic of Ireland: http://www.worldbookday.com/ And whilst we’re on the subject of libraries, we

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Last literate person

Delightful contribution someone’s dug out of the internet’s ‘archives’ this morning.  Quite as relevant today: http://www.theonion.com/content/node/30146

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