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23+ wellbeing things. No. 17 – Wellbeing Radio

With its stated mission being to “inspire, educate and inform our audience through positive broadcasting”, Wellbeing Radio proclaims a passion for all aspects of wellbeing.  Tune in for a change when you start tiring of your local radio stations and

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BoB ups and downs

Many of you will be familiar with our subscription to BoB, an archive provided by the British Universities Film and Video Council. BoB enables all staff and students in subscribing institutions to choose and record any broadcast programme from 60+

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John Peel’s Record Collection

The late John Peel was a respected DJ and was known for his vast collection of vinyl records. You can now explore his record collection here http://thespace.org/items/s000004u The website is beautifully designed and makes it a joy to get lost

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Radioplayer, which was launched on 31st March, aims to give access to the output from every licensed radion station in the UK, including all BBC services. It gives you the ability to search by station, local radio location, programme title,

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I’m Proud of the BBC

TOTD has been privileged to travel to many countries round the world and found from both personal experience of TV in foreign lands, as well as other people’s comments, that the BBC is indeed something to be proud of. This

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BBC Writersroom

Are you a budding script writer? Do you fancy writing for the radio or for TV? Got an idea for a radio play or a television drama, or even a sitcom? If yes then have a look at BBC Writersroom.

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The Onion

And finally on this week’s theme we have The Onion, a site that received a Peabody Award for “providing ersatz news that has a worrisome ring of truth”. http://www.theonion.com

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