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PURE joy: Library support for disseminating your research

Every publication has to be submitted to the institutional PURE repository immediately upon acceptance by the journal in which it is published in order to satisfy the HEFCE Open Access Policy and eligibility for inclusion in REF assessments.  Sounds scary?  It

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Open Access in under two minutes

Free citations, visibility and impact for you, for your research, for good.  Here is (almost) everything you need to know about open access in under two minutes.  For everything else, please speak to our Research Outputs Team at openaccess@port.ac.uk.

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Staff workshop: Open Access Publishing and REF

Update 16.06.16 – This workshop has now passed.  Please watch the Library newsfeed for announcements of future workshops. Open to all University of Portsmouth research and academic staff For the next REF, HEFCE require journal and conference articles (with an ISSN) accepted for

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Putting pen(guin) to paper

We recently published a peer-reviewed journal article (a free version is available from the University of Portsmouth Research Portal) about the arrival of Pablo the penguin (who tweets as @uoppenguin).  Some of you might be wondering about the origins of Pablo the penguin

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Reader beware

Critically reading the scholarly literature (whether in science or any other field) involves more than just trusting the conclusions and abstract tell the whole story.  This blog post from the LSE suggests you read the abstract last once you have found the papers you

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Predatory journals: the case against Google Scholar

Not all journals are equal.  This has long been known but in the past the difference has only been that some were more prestigious than others.  More recently, new publishers have appeared who appear on the surface to be professional companies

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Scholarly research and publication

Of potential interest to PhD students, researchers and undergraduates considering a career in academic research, IET Academic Publishing are offering a free presentation on Scholarly Research and Publication on how to publish and access research at Southampton University on 10th

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Are e-books the end of Libraries?

Can libraries and e-books co-exist – or are digital books another threat for the public service? This film from the BBC show Click visits the British Library and investigates their plans to digitise it’s collection. The film goes on to

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The Zargonic Effect

Thursday’s post reminds TOTD of it’s little run-in with the wikipolice.  Not everything remains on the web once it’s posted.  Thursday reported on something pulled by those who’d created it, our encounter demonstrates that Wikipedia isn’t the free for all

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Rorschach tests

For those interested in using Wikipedia for research (or assisting students to use it wisely in their work), this might be of interest: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rorschach_test There’s debate on the content, an example of Wikipedia ‘locking’ a page until disputes are settled,

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