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PsycINFO update (4 June 2019)

Our main Psychology resource, PsycINFO, is scheduled for a major update, expected to go live on Tuesday 4 June 2019.  This “reload” will implement the latest APA thesaurus tool.  Medical subject headings will be added as a search field and

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Free mental health awareness and wellbeing e-resources available until 31 October

Cambridge University Press are honouring the mental health awareness events held earlier this October by making journal articles and book chapters related to mental health and wellbeing available for free until the end of the month. Click or tap here to

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The joy of being (told you are) right

It feels good to be told you are right, even when you are wrong.  When no-one knows enough facts, it all becomes a whole heap of fun.  The solution might be to slow down and start to explore the fantastic

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The polar bears made me do it…

Students at another university have for decades complained about the painting of polar bears savaging the sinister blood red sails of a wrecked ship that stares down at them from the exam room wall.  They claim it has caused all students who

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Free trial: Sage Research Methods cases, datasets, and videos

Sage have given us trial access to three new units until 31st December 2016 on Sage Research Methods: cases, datasets and videos.  Of particular interest to Psychology, these methods videos might be of interest to many different disciplines.  Please let

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New trial: Sage video

We are delighted to present trial access to Sage Video running until 31st May 2016.  We have access to the Education collection, Media & Communication collection, and Counselling & Psychotherapy collections. Make a change from reading and explore the collection.

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Every good life needs a bad memory

A bad memory allows every happy person to be the hero of their own life.  Something to remember when revision rolls around! A psychologist explains…

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Solve your problems while you sleep

“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.”   ~   Edgar Cayce Far from just giving the brain a chance to unwind, back as far as Aristotle it has been known that sleep allows the brain to talk to itself more

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the subconscious shelf

A slightly more thoughtful entry today: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/13/books/review/the-subconscious-shelf.html what do your shelves say about you?

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The Divided Brain

We featured an RSA Animate video on changing educational paradigms back on the 14th January (http://www.liblog.port.ac.uk/blog/2011/01/2536/) Here’s another on the divided brain: http://comment.rsablogs.org.uk/videos/ which is rather fascinating.  

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