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Please respect the right to silent study

Thank you to everyone working silently on the top floor – it is great to see so much dedicated study, and the top floor is usually a comfortable and peaceful place to learn.   We have, however, had clients ask us to take

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Text Security service temporarily unavailable (resolved)

Update 17.02.15   The Text Security service is now restored.  If someone is bothering you or disturbing your work, please text our Security Team on 07860756894 and someone will discretely arrive to deal with the troublemakers.

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Text your friendly Security Team

Sometimes people forget themselves and start making so much noise they stop you working, mess around or otherwise disrupt your studies.  Now you can just send a discrete text message to our friendly Security Team telling them where the problem

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Noise relief

If the noise from the building work gets too much, please ask at the nearest information desk for your own free pair of ear plugs.  Keep them safe in their protective case and bring them with you to use if the

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A Time to Text

Despite all the signs telling people which zone they are in, some people seem oblivious to how they are expected to behave.  If others are making a noise, talking or otherwise disrupting your work, please do not feel helpless.  There are

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Temporary zone changes (22 April – 30 May)

Every year the zones within the Library change slightly after the Easter Break to provide more silent study space until the end of the exam period.  Most students want more silent study space during the Consolidation and Assessment Periods, while

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Quiet Mark

Library users know only too well how excessive noise can have a detrimental effect on our working environment. Also, during our daily lives we are surrounded by noise from traffic, neighbours, music players, industrial machinery and domestic appliances . Quiet

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4 ways sound affects us

Here’s an example of excellence in presentation, as well as interesting content: http://www.ted.com/talks/julian_treasure_the_4_ways_sound_affects_us.html (Thanks to joro for yesterday’s Thing and the above)

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International Noise Awarness Day

Today is the Center for Hearing and Communication’s International Noise Awareness Day which shows the potentially damaging effects noise can have on hearing. Here is the link for more information: http://www.lhh.org/noise/ For those of you who like to dance whether

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