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23+ wellbeing things for strange times #1 – Regain your background buzz

Some people thrive on the sound of silence, while others need the quiet energizing buzz of others around them working to remind them that they are not alone but part of a multitude all working towards similar ends and goals. 

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Farewell to the front of the building

Well, perhaps not quite all of it, but today is the long awaited day when the illuminated logo on the front of the library building is replaced.  Today we see take last lingering look at a sign that has probably

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Resolved: Noise disruption: intermittent chiming alarm

Update 12.12.17 – This noise problem has now been resolved.  Thank you for your patience. We apologise for the three-tone chiming alarm sounding at intervals in one part of the Library.  The cause has been identified and while we cannot

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Building maintenance work (Wednesday 15 November) (resolved)

Update 14.11.2017 – The second phase of essential Library building maintenance work will take place on Wednesday 15 November.  This work will create considerable noise and some minor disruption.  Access to Area 1B (housing the art, design and English Literature

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Changes to the Library zones

In order to better exclude the ambient noise rising from the Atrium into the Individual Silent Study Zone, we have moved one of the Individual Silent Study Zones to the first floor.  Area 1B is now an Individual Silent Study Zone; Area 2B has ceased

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Roofing project update: work moves to Area 2C

Areas 0A and 1A have now been re-opened, cleaned and cleared for you to use again.  The roofing work has now moved to Area 2C.  A platform has been installed around the windows in Area 2C while the roof windows in this area

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Roofing update (10 January 2017)

The next stage of the roof replacement project commences on Monday, 16th January when the roof above Area 2C will be replaced.  This will involve replacing part of the ventilation system that helps cool the Library, and for approximately one

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Building noise in Area 1A (resolved)

Work on the new roof has been reportedly very loud today in Area 1A, although the noise appears to be quite localised.  We have been advised by the contractor that the noise in Area 1A (the first floor mezzanine) is

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Music while you work

In order to check where repairs to the public address system are needed, some soft music will be played over the system briefly in some areas this afternoon.  We apologise for any disruption to your concentration this may cause.

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Fire door refurbishment (15-16 September 2016)

As part of the ongoing project of investment and refurbishment of the Library building, work is being carried out to improve the Library fire doors this Thursday and Friday (15th and 16th September) as part of a campus wide refurbishment project.  There

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