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Technology Book of the Week 18/12/15

Transitions in Undergraduate Mathematics Education – edited by Michael Grove, Tony Croft, Joe Kyle & Duncan Lawson Are you interested in learning and teaching in mathematics? The University Library has just added a new book to stock that explores a

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Spurious correlations

Did you know that the number of people drowned falling in a swimming pool correlates with the number of films Nicholas Cage has appeared in? Well perhaps not, but this page reminds us why we need to be careful with

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STEM fun on Pinterest

Fun for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fans this summer!  As the Assistant Faculty Librarian for Science and Technology I have an interest in all things STEM.  As a mother of a 3 year old I have an interest

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Maths Café now only in Liongate

The Maths Café in the Library has ended for this academic year.  The team will return in the Autumn.  If you need Maths help, you can find the Maths Cafe in University Quarter map (Building No. 1 on the University Quarter map), from 12-2 pm on

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A mathemagical delight

Work on your mathematical skills in a new and novel way, learn to manipulate algebra faster and better and learn cool tricks to impress your friends at parties. A fun workshop for beginner apprentice mathemagicians: no previous mathemagical knowledge required.

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If you like numbers then this is the place for you. Numberphile brings together Maths experts from around the UK to create entertaining and informative videos about all things numerical. You can check out the site for yourself here http://numberphile.com/

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Blackboards in porn

Possibly at the more risque end of the spectrum for Thing of the Day, we couldn’t resist the sad or brilliant (you decide) mathematician who produced this blog posting.  Thank you, we think, also to the contributor who found this. http://blackboardsinporn.blogspot.com/

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The Curta Calculator

TOTD can remember when, back in the mid-1980s, the Department of Geography still had a variety of whacky calculating devices. These included a number of pinwheel machines, and even a large desktop machine with a Nixie tube display (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nixie_tube). Best

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Lego Mobius

Good question as to whether these are actually mobius strips rather than toroids, but they look great anyway: http://www.andrewlipson.com/mobius.htm

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Pi Day

Today is pie day which commemorates the mathematical measurement represented by the Greek Letter Pi. The reason why it’s held today is because the date in the American format is 03/14, the beginning of Pi being 3.14. It’s also a

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