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Academic e-journals now available through public libraries

Portsmouth City Council public library service and a number of other public libraries around the country are providing free access to academic e-journal articles via a scheme called “Access to Research“. You have to physically visit the library to access

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This way up

Mercifully shelfmark labels are all the right way up, so you do not have to hurt your neck to read all the titles… “None of the books were in alphabetical order, which made it necessary to cock my head sideways

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A tale of two libraries

In a world of finite library space and a pressing need to offer all our students the most up to date books to read, we regularly withdraw old editions to replace them with new.  Rather than throwing our old, unwanted

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For those of you who love archives and libraries and enjoy visiting museums and art galleries, this may be the website for you.  If you like finding out about forthcoming exhibitions (and anything archaeological and historical) see http://www.culture24.org.uk/home. It’s partly

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Library staff travel East!

It’s always great to see members of Library staff developing skills, but a recent event is worthy of note when one of our Assistant Faculty Librarians travelled to Hong Kong in her capacity as an Accreditation Assessor for CILIP.

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The Future is NOW!

It probably won’t have escaped your notice that today has special significance in popular culture. Yes, today is The Future! While it’s true that we don’t have flying cars, hoverboards or 18 installments of the Jaws franchise to watch on

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Why not join the public library?

You join the University Library automatically when you become a student but it is almost as easy to sign up with the public library.  With branches from North End to Southsea and the Central Library in Guildhall Square just a

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Pablo in P&M

Pablo here!  Part-time journalist, full-time penguin.  After spending the past few months helping out in University of Portsmouth Library I began to wonder how all the new books arrived here. I always assumed they were printed in the back room

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It’s not just people who get lost in a good library book

One library assistant collected a career’s worth of artifacts found in returned public library books and is now putting them on display at an exhibition. Read more here.

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People ask libraries the strangest things…

We sometimes think we have some peculiar enquiries from time to time but compared to New York Public Library, we have seen nothing yet.  Have a look and bemuse yourself at what people have asked.

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