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Far from the madding enquiry desk

Far from being dense, symbol less tomes recounting endless explanations of the same referencing problems, these fifteen books make the life of a librarian seem interesting, almost romantic.  Joking apart, reading them might give you a slightly better idea of

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What do the Enquiries team do?

The Enquiries team have been doing something unusual this week. We’ve been talking about ourselves. This isn’t something that comes naturally, and it can seem a bit awkward, but as part of the Library’s staff development programme, we’ve been presenting

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The Tale of Library Cat (and his penguin reviewer)…

He’s black and white, soft, and walks closer to the floor than most visitors to his library. No, not Pablo our resident penguin, but Library Cat, frequenter of Edinburgh University Library. Just like Pablo though, Library Cat *does* have a unique

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Pablo in P&M – And so to bed

Finally, I watched the books being expertly labelled (and all of them the right way up) and “wanded out”, I presume to add that little sparkle of Library magic,  and then I rode out atop the procession of books into the

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Pablo in P&M – Money makes P&M go around

What does it mean when it says, “Thank you for deleting all the financial records of the University Library”?  I am going to blame this on keyboards not being designed for those of us with flippers!

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Pablo in P&M – “It was like that when I got here”

Others in the Metadata Team also repair books that have suffered a little wear and tear.  They tend to have more success than I did when I tried.  

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Pablo in P&M – Making things Discovery-able

This year the Library has provided access to 3,946 new e-books and 661 databases and made them available on Discovery and the library catalogue.  All this requires people to make sure the “metadata” is all present and correct.

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One can never have enough books

I was intrigued to learn that students and staff can just go to the Library website and tell their computer they want an article, chapter or an entire book or journal part that we don’t have here in the Library and

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Pablo in P&M – We must have more (books)!

More books!  Our students demand it.  So do their lecturers for that matter. All the orders from academics and the Faculty Librarians are fed into a big computer in P&M that talks to another computer owned by a big book supplier “across

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Pablo in P&M – The stamp of approval

I asked one of the nice Library Assistants why we still had any journals in print. “Is it because some people like to harken back to “ye good olde” days when electronic resources were limited to light switches and portable heaters?”

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