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‘Yarn bomb’ makes it into the OED

How exciting, June’s new word list from the Oxford English Dictionary includes ‘Yarn bomb’. Does this mean that yarn bombing is no longer rebellious, under-ground and subversive, brightening an often grey and beige cityscape with a riot of colour and texture?

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14 punctuation marks in English grammar

This might be helpful for those writing assignments: http://grammar.yourdictionary.com/punctuation/what/fourteen-punctuation-marks.html Or writing anything really.  It includes a handy infographic.  

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English Language Day

Today is English Language Day at the United Nations Organisation.  It is celebrated today because it is the official birthday of William Shakespeare. Often referred to as a “world language” because it is so widely spoken, English is one of the six official

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25 words

We thought we’d covered this before, but evidently not: http://sobadsogood.com/2012/04/29/25-words-that-simply-dont-exist-in-english/ some marvellous words there. TOTD has long tried to introduce the word ‘dunk’ to the English language.  (The u is pronounced less like an ‘uh’ and more like a very

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British Library Sounds

Explore the British Library’s extensive collection of recorded sounds, including music, oral history, wildlfe and dialects. http://sounds.bl.uk/  

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Finnish tongue twisters

The Library has some Finns here as interns for three months which is a great opportunity for TOTD to brush up on the bits of Finnish language learned over 20 years ago.  It is, of course, the language of heaven

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Graph Word

“This is rather fun!” write E contributing this: http://graphwords.com/ She’s right!  For those who are visually oriented and love words.

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Here’s an interesting way to learn the vocabulary for a variety of languages. The site uses flashcards supported by video clips, mnemonics and samples of how each word is used. Anyone can add to the site by creating flashcards, adding

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Inky Fool

This is rather a fun blog if you’re interested in words and (English) language. http://blog.inkyfool.com/ There’s a particularly good entry on why prepositions at the end of a sentence aren’t a problem: http://blog.inkyfool.com/2010/05/prepositions-end-of-sentences-at.html# but there’s lots more to delight here

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Bawoni! Recently, Thing of the Day went to a very interesting workshop about Working with Nigerian Students. This workshop discussed the people, customs and culture of Nigeria and we also learned a few phrases in the Nigerian dialects of Yoruba, Hausa and Ibo,

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