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CareKnowledge running at risk on Wednesday 14 June 2017

It is expected that the CareKnowledge website will be available only intermittently on Wednesday 14 June 2017 and will be running at risk all that day while essential maintenance work is carried out on the site.  The supplier intends to

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New ejournal: Policy and practice in health and safety

Studying health and safety?  We have just added the ejournal “Policy and practice in health and safety” to our collection, and it is ready for you to search through the Discovery Service.

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New trial: JBI evidence-based practice database

We are delighted to offer free trial access to a new tool for finding evidence to inform clinical decision-making and help you demonstrate evidence-based practice until Sunday 4th June 2017.   The Joanna Briggs Institute’s Evidence Based Practice database offers reliable information

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Introducing… BIOSIS Previews

Finally in this week’s tour of popular online resources for finding academic journal articles that go beyond the Discovery Service, we take a look at the world’s most comprehensive reference database for life science research: BIOSIS Previews. Part of the Web

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Introducing… Biomed Central

First up in our showcase of Biological Science databases this week is Biomed Central.  The largest open access publisher in the world, BioMed Central publishes over 290 peer-reviewed open access journals across the fields of biology, chemistry, clinical medicine and

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Introducing… the Barbour health and safety information service

Barbour is an exciting health and safety information service.  Exciting at least for anyone studying construction, health and safety at work, engineering or other subjects where putting the right procedures and working practices into place can be the difference between

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Love your gut week

It is a thing well said that you are what you eat.  Your gut has a mind of its own (literally – to a limited extent your gut’s nervous system manages itself independently from the rest of you) and has increasingly been shown to be an

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Dealing with anxiety (including revision and exam stress!)

More resources to help you manage your anxiety and other common concerns are available from the Student Wellbeing Service.  You can get help including counselling and support from the Wellbeing Service, and support from the Student Advice Centre.  Remember you can always

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Mindfulness and examination

Feeling stressed?  Anxious thoughts make the body tense, which in turn makes the mind more anxious.  The best way to overcome anxiety, from feeling overwhelmed and post-procrastination panic to examination nerves is to interrupt this vicious circle by taking a moment to calm

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Stressless exams

A selection of handouts offering advice on effective study habits and managing emotions around exam time produced by the Student Wellbeing Service are available from the display in Area 1B.  If you are working from home, there are lots of helpful resources available online to help you manage

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