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CILIP present “Working with Ministers”

The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP SE in Hants & Wight regional sub-branch) invite you to an evening talk “Working with Ministers”, a light-hearted look at the work of Government ministers. Rescheduled from Thursday evening last November,

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EU referendum – advice for students

After a long and sometimes painful period of campaigning, the referendum on UK membership of the EU has resulted in a majority ‘leave’ vote by a narrow margin. I would like to reassure you that, as current students of our

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Digital democracy

According to Walter Benjamin, history is written by the winners.  Should we therefore be worried that copies of parliamentary papers are no longer being given to our national and other legal deposit libraries or that the pdfs published online by TSO (The Stationery

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Budget 2014

Chancellor George Osborne will present his fifth Budget on 19 March. He will speak for over an hour in the House of Commons discussing/spinning the state of the economy and outlining his policies for spending over the next 12 months.

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A History of Council Housing in Portsmouth

Portsmouth has a long history of council house provision. For example, there are early examples along Curzon Howe Road in Portsea, where a memorial stone laid in October 1912 can still be seen. This story timeline, commissioned by Portsmouth City

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Glum Councillors

Pot-holes got a mention back in March when we looked at Fix My Steet. Well here’s a site where you can see pictures of councillors posing by various holes in the road, among other things. http://glumcouncillors.tumblr.com/ [Thanks to LB for this suggestion]

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Fix My Street

Potholes in the road have been a side effect of the icy weather we’ve experienced over the last couple on months. Fix My Street is just one of a number of democracy and transparency websites in the UK run by

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