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Digging for digital black gold

Cambridge Core ebooks in petroleum sciences now available We have just added over fifty ebooks on petroleum engineering and earth sciences to our digital collections from the Cambridge Core range.  You can search them all using the Discovery Service or using the native

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Elsevier seeking feedback on ScienceDirect Reference Modules

Elsevier are seeking volunteers to provide them with feedback on ScienceDirect Reference Modules.  They are offering each participant a £50 Amazon gift voucher or a charity donation to thank them for their time.  If you have experience using the ScienceDirect Reference

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Introducing: Geofacets

Geofacets is a geological mapping e-resource offering thousands of peer reviewed maps of relevance to geoscientists from peer reviewed journal articlesin a range of leading publications. It includes access to downloadable maps capable of integration with GIS software and links

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Enter the dragon

Researchers here at the University of Portsmouth have helped analyse dinosaur remains of a new dinosaur discovered in Wales, now named Dracoraptor, meaning “dragon thief”.  The description was made more reliable both by having a substantial amount of the dinosaur

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Free trial access to GeoScience World

We are pleased to announce free trial access to GeoScienceWorld until 6th November 2015: “A comprehensive Internet resource for research across the geosciences, built on a database of peer-reviewed journals and integrated with GeoRef.” Please send any feedback on this resource to Marie Houndsome, Science

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A Tuesday too long?

Did yesterday drag on a little long for you or did you get a (very) little more than you expected in the day?  If so, it is entirely coincidental that yesterday was a full second longer than usual. Time magazine

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Free geological map viewer

Our Map Library has an almost complete collection of geological maps of Great Britain, many of which are available on four-week loan. However, if one of our maps is out on loan or the sheet you require isn’t yet part of

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Starting Digimap – workshops and Library support

Digimap workshops for postgraduates and staff at Plymouth University If you are a member of staff or postgraduate student, you can also attend two free half-day workshops given at Plymouth University in Devon by Tom Armitage from Digimap’s user support

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Volcanoes are both beautiful and terrifying and you can find out all about them as well as watch some awesome videos at this BBC microsite http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/earth/natural_disasters/volcano  

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TOTD did a little potholing in the early 1980s and regrets not being able to pursue the hobby now. Apparently a scheme to link a labyrinth of tunnels between Cumbria, Lancashire and North Yorkshire is nearly complete. You can learn

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