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Shelfmark fishing challenge – we have a winner!

After two days of determined angling, we have a confirmed winner with a formidable top score of 3948!  Congratulations to Daniel Kelly who managed to beat tremendously stiff competition to win the Amazon Echo Show 5.  We hope you all had

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Nursing mini feshers’ fair

“Come for the free sweets, stay for the informative highlights!” Look out for the Library game at the Nursing students’ mini-fresher’s fair on the 3rd floor of St Andrews Court on Thursday 2nd February 2017 where we will be offering information

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Welcome international students

We asked our international students to stick a coloured dot onto the world map to show us where they had come from.  As you can see, we have new students from across the globe from Europe and China to Australia

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Welcome new students!

Welcome new students!  We look forward to meeting you and hope you will enjoy your time in your new library.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your time here more productive and enjoyable. If you have not registered

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Campaign for change

Hopefully you have found at least some things helpful in our series on surviving and thriving at university.  We finish with that last bulwark of student activity: activism and creating change. Be part of the grand tradition If you see something you want introduced, stopped or changed

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Make friends with all the right people

After your hall porter (for when you are locked out of your room), your house mates, your course mates, and your tutor, you should make friends with your friendly librarian. They are a font of wisdom when it comes to

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Silence is golden

Talking in the Individual Silent Study zones is likely to end with someone asking you to move somewhere else. The same thing tends to happen in shared houses, where it is even more of a problem! Try not to treat others

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Staying sociable

One of the most surest ways to antagonise other people is to leave them to clear up after you. Whether this is walking away from your half-empty drink can and sandwich box you have left on a desk in the Library

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Never be fined!

From September, you can borrow any book for as long as you need it or until unless someone else requests it!  Ebooks are books you can read online and in some cases or download for free for a set time

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Remember to make time to exercise

Surviving and thriving at university is more than just about effective study – you need to make time for yourself and stay fit and healthy. The sports centre and gyms are conveniently close to the Library.  Unless you are a sports

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