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At last – the café re-opens!

The café is open again this week! Head past the Library Help Desk and round the bottom of the wooden staircase in the Library Atrium, and you will find the Library Coffee Shop.  Here you can buy a variety of

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23 wellbeing things. No. 7, You are what you eat

Everyone needs to eat well, and regularly.  Balanced meals including wholegrains, fruit and vegetables to fuel your brain and lean protein to keep you feeling full and support your muscles, are even more important at those times when it feels

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23 wellbeing things. No. 5, Drink more (water)

By the time you start to feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.  Thirst is your body’s emergency alarm bell ringing to tell you that you are already stiffening up in all the wrong places, feeling worse and thinking less clearly

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Eat, drink, and be happy

The Library Coffee Shop sells a variety of hot and cold drinks and snacks for you to enjoy in the Library or take away together with a mixture of dining tables and relaxed seating.  When the cafe is closed, just around the

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The plight of drunken gulls

Many of you will know the feeling of a hangover: the nausia, headache, disorientation and a mouth that feels strangely rough and furry.  What you might not realise is that getting drunk, and in many cases very drunk, is not

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Round the clock convenience

“In the early hours of the morning, when the cafe and Co-Op are shut, it would be nice to have access to a bag of crisps. I have no doubt that it would generate a lot of revenue!” You work

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Happy “Eat your vegetables” Day!

Only in George’s Marvelous Medicine (if you haven’t read it, the local public library holds copies so now is the time) does eating cabbage make you grow downwards.   In reality, eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables

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Break out the blankets for National Picnic Week

National Picnic Week starts this Friday, so grab something to sit on or find a park (Ravelin Park is conveniently close!) and make the most of the summer weather by dining al fresco.  If you are struggling for creative picnic ideas and

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British Sandwich Week

It’s British Sandwich Week.  Ever since the Fourth Earl of Sandwich and his friends ordered their meat served at the gambling tables served between bread (presumably to keep their fingers grease free while playing cards) rather than leave for a more formal

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Student Money Week: how to cook food on a budget (demonstration)

Discovering grub on a grant is not all you hoped for?  Don’t miss the budget cooking demonstration outside the Waterhole Bar next Wednesday, 22 March 2017, which is part of Student Money Week. Photo by Iain Farrell

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