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Join the Artsfilm Weekend Film Festival

Your are invited to the Artfilms Weekend Film Festival! Twice a month Artfilms open access to selected videos from across their collections, showcasing films from a variety of disciplines, producers and cultures. The videos are released on a Thursday and are free

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Disability in the Modern World

A database reminder One person in seven experiences disability (World Bank, World Report on Disability, 2015, Washington, DC). Yet the story of this community and its contributions is largely absent from the scholarly record. Disability in the Modern World: History

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Screen Studies: From Script to Screen and Beyond!

A trial of Screen Studies runs until 2nd June. It includes: Iconic and contemporary screenplays fully-searchable, presented in industry-standard studio format, including Dunkirk, The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Big Lebowski Authoritative coverage of works by leading filmmakers such as Wes

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Digital Theatre Plus

Digital Theatre Plus is a useful resource for teachers and students of Performing Arts or English Literature.  It can also be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys dramatic or musical performance. It is mostly a video-based teaching resource for schools and

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Record 15 things a day with Box of Broadcasts this month (December 2016)

Up until the New Year, Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is offering you up to 15 recordings per day.   Now you can record all the best Christmas TV for posterity!  Visit BoB here.

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Entertainment Industry Data

For those of you who enjoy watching films or listening to music you might be interested to know there is a database (owned by the Academic Rights Press) available through the University Library that holds film and music data from the

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Bladerunner, typography and visual culture

If you have any interest in typography, visual culture, film studies or the work of Ridley Scott, you really should read this extended blog piece on the typography and film connections surrounding 1982 science fiction classic Bladerunner: Typeset in the future: Bladerunner.

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Digital Theatre Plus is available online

Following a successful trial earlier this year we are now subscribing to Digital Theatre Plus which is a database primarily for students and staff of our Performing Arts and Film courses. However I know many other members of staff who

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 16/05/16

This week my book of the week is not focusing on a book; it’s a celebration of one very important writer and how his work has been interpreted over the centuries. Last month the world paid homage to a man

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Screening Shakespeare

The BBC has launched the BBC Shakespeare Archive Resource to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.  Exclusive to universities colleges and schools, this resource offers access to hundreds of BBC TV and radio broadcasts of Shakespeare’s plays, sonnets and documentaries

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