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Bronze NUS Green Impact award for the University Library

The University Library recently received the bronze NUS Green Impact award, being recognized alongside other University departments today at the NUS Green Impact awards for promoting and improving our environmental performance.  Barbara Anders and Michele Game, the Library’s named “Green Champion” (pictured),

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From Remotely Operated Vehicles to Paleobotany

Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences trial Limited time only… trial runs until 15th May. Click here to access Take a look at this collection of per-reviewed articles from key reference works including the Treatise on Geochemistry and the

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Please help keep the courtyard clean

For the third year running we have a pair of nesting gulls in residence on the roof near the courtyard.  Exciting as this is there is a real risk to their survival.  You. The problem is that gulls are attracted to food that you

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Please leave your workspace as you would like to find it

Thank you for helping us to keep your Library a clean and pleasant place for everyone to work.  With so many students using the Library, the only way we can keep your workspace clean and free from mice is for

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Improved temperature control in the Library

Some of you have been unhappy with the temperature in the Library, complaining that it is at times too cold.  We are therefore pleased to announce that we are now able to link the air conditioning system to the wider

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Recycle your batteries here

Lots of Christmas presents here is a bucket for recycling batteries on the Library Reception Desk. The University Estates Department then collects and empties them when they are full and disposes of them in an environmentally friendly way.

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Chewing gum – a sticky problem

Chewing gum is a popular pastime for many, especially since it was suggested chewing sugar free chewing gum might be good for the teeth but please think of your colleagues when you have had your fun and the gum becomes

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Library Turns Green to Bronze

by Michele Game The University has been charged with reducing their carbon emissions by 30% by 2016, and to help them achieve that, teams have been set up across the campus to support that vision. They are doing this by

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Library Plays Host to Bird Baby Nursery

The University Library is happy to report that a pair of Herring Gulls has once again nested on top of the library building.  We believe this is the same pair as last year since the gulls are nesting in the

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Green Travel in Portsmouth

The University has a “Green Travel Page”, where you can find out all you ever wanted to know about travelling sustainably to the University. This includes information on cheaper Bus Passes with “First Bus”, timetable information for buses and trains

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