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Lay the foundations for your career in Engineering

Interested in getting up to speed with engineering research?  Try the Engineering Academic Challenge: an immersive interdisciplinary problem-set based competition built around 5 trans-disciplinary themes including the future of energy, manufacture and medicine.  The first problem-set will go live in two weeks

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Homage to Pong

Do you enjoy computer games?  Before The Witcher and Dark Souls series, before even Sonic the Hedgehog and Golden Axe, came Pong, a deceptively simple game of virtual table tennis from Atari that in 1972 was the first ever computer arcade game.  

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Driverless car design is learning from dung beetles

Driverless vehicles could benefit from a study in Sweden that discovered how dung beetles navigate by remembering a snapshots of the starlit sky they observe from atop their balls of dung.  Click here to discover how.   Photo by GmanViz

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Knovel and Geofacets training

Elsevier are coming to deliver a training session on using two new Library resources: the engineering reference resource Knovel and the Geographic Information System tool Geofacets.  Come along from 10-12 am on Tuesday, 19th January 2016 in Library Seminar Room

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New e-journal: Reaction Chemistry & Engineering

Reaction Chemistry & Engineering is a new, free e-journal now available for you to access for free from the Royal Chemistry Society.  From fundamental, molecular level chemistry to large scale chemical production, Reaction Chemistry & Engineering brings together communities of chemists

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IEEE usage

We’re always excited to see, sometimes expensive, databases being well used and our IEEE Explore database is just one of the many technology databases we collect statistics on. The top five journals with the most downloads for September were all

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Technology Book of the Week 3/11/15

Digital Drawing for Designers: a visual guide to AutoCAD 2015 by Douglas R. Seidler. Books in the 620s aren’t often very attractive to look at but this is an exception in being both well-designed and containing a feast of illustrations

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Technology Book of the Week 28/10/15

This isn’t so much a book of the week as a series of the week.  The Library has acquired a host of ‘A Very Short Introduction’ titles which range across wide variety of subjects. The two highlighted here are just

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IEEE Xplore scheduled maintenance 24th October

Due to scheduled maintenance,  the e-resource IEEE Xplore will be unavailable from 2pm – 5pm British Summer Time on Saturday, 24 October. The suppliers apologise for any inconvinience. If you need further information, please contact elibrary@port.ac.uk

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IEEE Xplore off campus access problem – resolved

Updated 18th August 2015: IEEE Xplore is now working off campus again. IEEE Xplore is temporarily unavailable off campus using the usual login.  IEEE are aware and are working on it.  On campus access is working normally. You can still

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