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Introducing the new Engineering Village search

Engineering Village has updated its search screen since last year.  Here’s a video explaining the changes and how to us it to find engineering articles.  

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A most Knovel app

Science and engineering reference source Knovel has released a new mobile app for Android and iOS so you can now get mobile friendly reliable technical data on the go on field trips and in the lab.  With My Knovel ToGo, you can even download

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Access Engineering ebooks now available via the Library catalogue

Access Engineering ebooks are now available via the Library catalogue as well as directly from the database or Discovery Service search, so there are now more ways to get to the ebooks you want. Photo by astro_matt

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The wonderful things you can build with Lego

Enter the Lego exoskeleton When building a flashy human exoskeleton, Lego is not the first building material that springs to mind.  Perhaps it should be, as this man demonstrates!   Photo by _nash

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Digging for digital black gold

Cambridge Core ebooks in petroleum sciences now available We have just added over fifty ebooks on petroleum engineering and earth sciences to our digital collections from the Cambridge Core range.  You can search them all using the Discovery Service or using the native

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Knovel not working away from the University campus (resolved)

Update 02.05.17 – Knovel is working normally via Shibboleth on computers away from the University campus. Knovel appears not to be working on computers away from the University campus.  If you are working from home or elsewhere, we recommend using the VPN (or

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Engineer of the week: Brunel

Born 9 April 1806 in Portsmouth to a French engineer who had fled the French revolution, Isambard Kingdom Brunel was educated in  cutting edge engineering practices in both England and in France.  Starting work for his father, Brunel rapidly began

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Lay the foundations for your career in Engineering

Interested in getting up to speed with engineering research?  Try the Engineering Academic Challenge: an immersive interdisciplinary problem-set based competition built around 5 trans-disciplinary themes including the future of energy, manufacture and medicine.  The first problem-set will go live in two weeks

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Homage to Pong

Do you enjoy computer games?  Before The Witcher and Dark Souls series, before even Sonic the Hedgehog and Golden Axe, came Pong, a deceptively simple game of virtual table tennis from Atari that in 1972 was the first ever computer arcade game.  

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Driverless car design is learning from dung beetles

Driverless vehicles could benefit from a study in Sweden that discovered how dung beetles navigate by remembering a snapshots of the starlit sky they observe from atop their balls of dung.  Click here to discover how.   Photo by GmanViz

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