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Ebrary is now Ebook Central

Ebrary was replaced Wed. Nov 16th by a new platform called Ebook Central. Most changes will be small but you will need to agree to migrate your Ebrary bookshelf to the new platform is you wish to carry on using

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Intermittent problems reported with Library electronic resources and reading lists (resolved)

Update 14.09.16 – We are pleased to report that Information Services have now rectified this problem.  All our electronic resources and online reading lists should be working normally again.  If you experience any further problems, please do not hesitate to contact

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Resolved: Ebrary temporarily unavailable

Update 09/08/16 – We are pleased to report that Ebrary is now available once again.  Thank you for your patience. We regret that Ebrary is temporarily unavailable due to a technical problem.  We have contacted the supplier and hope the issue will be

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Ebrary bookshelf issue

A problem has been identified with the Ebrary bookshelf whereby anyone with a large number of books (over 50/60) may not see all of them listed. This problem should be resolved with the next update to the system, but in

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Important information for ebrary users

This is a reminder that if you use the ebrary (ebook platform) bookshelf you must make a note of you ebrary user ID before this Sunday (1st February). Your ebrary user ID is on the top right of the page

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The Ebrary e-books you love, now made beautiful

Ebrary now has a new and improved e-book platform interface.  We had a sneak preview a few weeks ago and it is very much more sleek, intuitive and fun to use.  It works with the Bluefire app on Apple and

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Download e-books to your tablet, Nook or Kindle Fire

Sometimes you just want to read an e-book where you have no Internet connection.   You can download many e-books to use off-line for short periods, as if “borrowing” a copy of the e-book for 14 days, from our two largest

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