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Becoming anti-racist

Looking toward a more equitable future, we must begin to evolve from simply ‘not being racist’ to actively being ‘anti-racists,’ intentionally addressing the question, “How do we become active contributors towards the eradication of racism and its effects on both

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Decolonising higher education

Disclaimer While the University takes decolonisation seriously and is taking active steps to make its library collections and curricula more inclusive and representative of a wider range of authors who are women and/or representative of different ethnic and cultural perspectives,

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The subtle influence of privilege

It is very difficult to know when you have a privileged place in society; it is much easier to notice privilege for those who live without it.  All a privileged person is aware of is how hard life is, how

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We need to talk about prejudice

Today, I would like to take you on a brief exploration of the nature and roots of human prejudice. The evolutionary basis of prejudice Humans have only eight primordial emotions, one of the most powerful of which is disgust.  We

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Hello silence, my old friend

Do you hate crowds and find the Library increasingly taken over by folk whose idea of serious study seems to be to treat the Library like a giant coffee shop?  You are not alone, but there are still ways to

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Happy LGBT History Month!

February celebrates the formerly marginalised history of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, who have spent the best part of the past two centuries in obscurity and suffering persecution.  Our display this year compares and finds similarities between the oppression

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Studying with dyslexia? It’s not impossible (note the double negative)!

It’s not impossible (note the double negative)! I felt compelled to write about this topic. Not only did I work in dyslexia support for many years, but I also strongly assume that creativity and neurodiversity are closely related and recognise

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Decolonising the library collection

We are continually working to decolonise the library collection and make our resources more diverse so that you can learn from a wider variety of perspectives and cultures.  This blog post from SOAS explains why it is so necessary to

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Have you been to Portsmouth Bookfest yet?

Not our usual blog fayre but it being LGBT+ History Month, Iestyn Edwards’ innovative talk on his recent book “My Tutu Went AWOL” – a prelude to the book by the same name is coming up on 1 March in the

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Welcome to LGBT History Month!

Sorry this wasn’t posted last week, but better late than never! There’s lots of exciting things going on this LGBT+ History Month.  Check out what appeals most to you from the choice below.  We’re just putting together our traditional book

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