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Discovery Service – expected performance issues

The Discovery Service may run unusually slowly over the next few days.  The supplier, Ebsco, is working to resolve certain technical problems behind the scenes that they have warned may affect the speed of Discovery and Full Text Finder links.  We

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EBSCO no longer supports Internet Explorer 8 or 9

If you are using an older version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, please be aware that at least one of our biggest electronic resource suppliers EBSCO, have now ceased to support IE 8 and 9 on security grounds.  Browser versions currently

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More resources than ever before

We realise that study is not limited to formal library work but can instead expand to fill the cracks in your day and that you therefore want to be able to read and study wherever you can, so we have

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Finding free journal articles outside the Library

Choosing either one of the “Full Text Online Only” or “Full Text (Online and Print)” options in the Discovery Service will ensure you only ever see materials that you can access from the Library.  Some of the more specialist databases

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Publications search not working in Discovery (resolved)

Update 24.01.17 – The Discovery Service is working normally again.  Thank you for your patience. Searches for journal titles in the Discovery Service have begun to return a “No results were found” error message, even for journals we hold in stock.  We have contacted

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Full Text links in Google Scholar not working (resolved)

Update 21.12.16 – The FullText@Portsmouth links have reappeared in Google Scholar today and appear to be working again. Update 15.12.16 – Ebsco are working with Google to re-establish working FullText@Portsmouth links.  Ebsco tentatively predicts that these links will begin working again from

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Eyes right! (for Credo Reference)

Whether or not you get a Research Starter above your search results in the Discovery Service (each a little nugget of encyclopedic insight – click here for more on these), on the right-hand side of the screen you will find

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EBSCO resources running slowly (resolved)

Update 07.11.16 – EBSCO resources are now all working normally again.  Thank you for your patience. Resources from EBSCO, including the Discovery Service, are running unusually slowly today.  This is a general problem being experienced by all institutions.  EBSCO are working to resolve

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I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot…

Ever wondered about the events that led up to one fateful 5th November so famed for its “gunpowder, treason and plot” that it spawned children’s rhymes and a celebration that still sees people burning bonfires – some still with effigies of the eponymous

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Intermittent problems reported with Library electronic resources and reading lists (resolved)

Update 14.09.16 – We are pleased to report that Information Services have now rectified this problem.  All our electronic resources and online reading lists should be working normally again.  If you experience any further problems, please do not hesitate to contact

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