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Creative Arts Book of the Week 02/11/15

In recent weeks I have spent quite a lot of time working with students in the School of Creative Technologies and so I have selected ZBrush Character Sculpting: Projects, tips & techniques from the masters as my book of the

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Happy birthday, George Boole

One of the forefathers of modern computing and information retrieval, George Boole was born 200 years ago today.  Google has celebrated today with a characteristically fun Doodle.

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Tune in or plug in, here or anywhere

Cable and cloud Did you know you can get fast reliable wireless internet access anywhere on campus and actually plug your laptop into the network for an even more reliable cabled connection across the Library ground floor?  Bring your own

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IEEE Xplore scheduled maintenance 24th October

Due to scheduled maintenance,  the e-resource IEEE Xplore will be unavailable from 2pm – 5pm British Summer Time on Saturday, 24 October. The suppliers apologise for any inconvinience. If you need further information, please contact elibrary@port.ac.uk

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Gold plating Chrome

Chrome is now by far the most popular browser (W3 Schools, 2015) and it has some really useful features and featured apps that can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store to make it even more useful.  Here are a few

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Move beyond text

The old methods of reading text from a page or screen and writing or typing are no longer the only ways you can work and learn.  Many people find reading and absorbing large volumes of text tiring, difficult, or just plain

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Programmer finds work for idle screens

The developer of the Screentendo app promises it was a proof of concept in screen image processing rather than a program to turn journal articles into platform games.  We believe it has the potential to serve both purposes admirably.  

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Art, artificial networks, and the construction of reality

Artificial Neural Networks use well known mathematical methods to help computers learn to recognise and interpret patterns from experience, allowing them to classify images and recognise speech.  Layers of decision making ask what structure something has and then assesses it in more

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New e-resources for you this Spring – ebook collections

We are pleased to offer new ebook collections from Wiley, MIT, Ebsco and ICE in support of Engineering and Computer Science.  These are currently available through the following platforms: Via the Discovery Service Ebsco Mobile Technology 2014 ebook Collection Ebsco Civil Engineering 2015 ebook Collection Ebsco

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CCI Book of the Week 27/04/15

Graphic Design School by David Dabna, Sandra Stewart and Eric Zempol This week’s book choice is all about graphic design.  The library has older editions in stock but this fifth edition includes specific advice on digital imaging techniques, motion graphics

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