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10 apps of Christmas 2016 #5 – the RSC interactive periodic table

Not the Royal Shakespeare Company (now there’s a free app we would like to see!) but the Royal Society for Chemistry’s Interactive Periodic Table.  You don’t have to be studying Chemistry to love this app, you just have to like surprises

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ECOTOX database

If you are looking into the impact of pollution and toxic chemicals released into the environment you should take a look at ECOTOX.  A fantastic resource locating single chemical toxicity data for aquatic life, terrestrial plants and wildlife, ECOTOX is maintained by

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Happy birthday, Mendeleev!

Today is the anniversary of Dmitri Mandeleev’s birthday, the father of the periodic table.  After previous attempts to put the periodic table of the elements into a meaningful order by relative atomic mass failed, Mandeleev finally succeeded by ordering the elements by atomic

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 11/01/16

Over the Christmas holidays I had the good fortune to catch the Terry Frost exhibitions at The Exchange and Newlyn Art Gallery. I took advantage of the guided tour around each to understand more about his work (I bought the book too, but

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New e-journal: Reaction Chemistry & Engineering

Reaction Chemistry & Engineering is a new, free e-journal now available for you to access for free from the Royal Chemistry Society.  From fundamental, molecular level chemistry to large scale chemical production, Reaction Chemistry & Engineering brings together communities of chemists

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The Photographic Periodic Table

This is much more exciting than the dull poster that TOTD used to stare at during double chemistry each Saturday morning. The site is richly illustrated and the facts accompanying each element are facinating. Did you know that liquid oxgen

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Periodic Videos

Can you remember the periodic table? This fantastic site from the University of Nottingham will certainly make it a whole lot easier. Clicking on an element in the periodic table well launch a video explanation of that element which includes

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