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Current shelf marks unavailable (10 January 2017 update)

The roofing contractors have restored access to more ground floor shelving today and have moved their operations on the first floor.   We continue to collect books each evening, so please reserve books shelved in taped off areas by posting posted a

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Current shelf marks unavailable (9 January 2017 update)

The roofing contractors have begun to clear the barrier tape from some of the shelves on the ground floor.  We are hopeful that this means that more and more of the shelves and study spaces that are currently inaccessible will

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A new way to pay

You can now pay all or part of a charge on your Library account online through My Account on the Library website at any time to suit you. Payment is secure and will update your Library account immediately.  You may still pay charges in

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Outstanding loans and charges

Congratulations on successfully completing another year and if you are graduating this summer, we wish you all the best for your future.  If you are graduating this year, the Library needs your books back for more students next year!  If

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Relieving the pressure

We understand that student life can be hectic and you have many important things to think about, and so we decided that renewing your library books should not be one of them.  Books you borrow from us now renew automatically

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Delivery of Library email notifications

Information Services (IS) advised us today that there has been a problem with the delivery of some Library email notifications.  These notifications were believed to have been sent earlier this week but were discovered to have only been sent out from the

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Problems with new University cards (resolved)

Update 15/10/15 – The problem with new borrower cards has now been resolved.  Thank you for your patience. Staff on the Library reception desk have noted that a number of newly issued student cards are not being updated by our daily overnight import of

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Second recall notifications being sent early

We have identified a problem with the timing of our second recall notifications this morning, which has meant that clients have been sent a 2nd recall notification too early.  We are working with our library management system supplier to rectify

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New service: automatic renewals

We are delighted to introduce automatic renewals for all our library clients from late September 2015.  This means that your books will be automatically renewed by the Library.

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Never be fined!

From September, you can borrow any book for as long as you need it or until unless someone else requests it!  Ebooks are books you can read online and in some cases or download for free for a set time

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