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Celebrating Black success

Traditionally society has held up role models for success that have been almost exclusively white.  As part of Black History Month, I want to try to redress this balance and hold up some role models that have impressed me over

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Becoming anti-racist

Looking toward a more equitable future, we must begin to evolve from simply ‘not being racist’ to actively being ‘anti-racists,’ intentionally addressing the question, “How do we become active contributors towards the eradication of racism and its effects on both

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The subtle influence of privilege

It is very difficult to know when you have a privileged place in society; it is much easier to notice privilege for those who live without it.  All a privileged person is aware of is how hard life is, how

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Decolonising the library collection

We are continually working to decolonise the library collection and make our resources more diverse so that you can learn from a wider variety of perspectives and cultures.  This blog post from SOAS explains why it is so necessary to

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