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Keeping the peace (or how not to have arguments)

The library can get very busy and nerves are easily frayed when people feel under pressure.  Even a whispered conversation can carry far and wide in a quiet, confined and echoey space.  At the other extreme, people working in splendid

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Individual silent study redesigned around you

“I really liked the library and the services available. It is comfortable and easy to use.” You told us that “A lack of enforced quiet areas also makes it difficult to concentrate.”  We better arranged the study zones so when

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Screaming for silence: the damaging and antisocial effect of loud ringtones on others’ study

Imagine if you will that you are riding in a train carriage (or a car, or a  plane) and there is a crying baby a scant few seats away.  Now imagine that babies came with a convenient switch that could

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Zoning in the Postgraduate Study Suite

There has been some confusion over the zoning arrangements in the Postgraduate Study Suite.  Room 0.39 in the corner of the building, together with the two small rooms attached to it (0.40 and 0.41) comprise an Individual Silent Study zone; room 0.38,

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Hot-desking and social learning

Everyone likes to work, study, and relax differently but most people need access to a computer of some sort.  Particularly at busy times, we find desktops and chairs littered with bags so other people cannot work there makes life difficult for

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“Beach towels at dawn” or “musical chairs”?

As deadlines and exams fast approach, an age-old problem will soon flare up once again. And as ever, the divisive issue will anger some and annoy others. Before too long the Library will see students packed in tightly, with inevitable debris scattered far and

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Of group meeting pods and individual silent study

Everyone likes to work differently and most people like to work alone for much, sometimes nearly all, of the time.  Many people also want to get away from noise and distractions to work more efficiently.  This is why we have

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Silence is golden

Talking in the Individual Silent Study zones is likely to end with someone asking you to move somewhere else. The same thing tends to happen in shared houses, where it is even more of a problem! Try not to treat others

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A Tale of Two Libraries

The rules at Singapore’s national university begin with with the statement: “These library rules reflect the emphasis by NUS Libraries on responsible behavior by members when using library facilities and resources.”  Personal responsibility is a trait long sought by employers, and

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Text Security service temporarily unavailable (resolved)

Update 17.02.15   The Text Security service is now restored.  If someone is bothering you or disturbing your work, please text our Security Team on 07860756894 and someone will discretely arrive to deal with the troublemakers.

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