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California Coastline

TOTD spotted this at No.2 in the Time 50 Best Websites 2009. Photographing the entire coastline of California from a helicopter flying as low as 500 feet sparked some controversy and, like Google’s Street View, it does raise some questions about

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Never in the Field of Human Conflict was so Much Owed by so Many to so Few

Today marks the sixty-ninth anniversary of the Battle of Britain where the RAF defeated the Luftwaffe, thus preventing the Nazi invasion of Britain. Here is the Wikipedia entry for the Battle of Britain which has several links to websites and

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A tuneful way to complain

There is a saying in retail that a customer who receives good service will recommend you to about 5 people but a customer who experiences bad service will tell 20 people how rubbish your company is. However Dave Carroll took it even

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Happy 40th Birthday, Concorde!

Today marks the fortieth anniversary since the first flight of a concorde. Here is an interactive site from British Airways full of information about the supersonic airline: http://www.britishairways.com/concorde/index.html The BBC also have a webpage that was published when Concorde was retired in

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Rocket Man

Swiss pilot Yves Rossy has successfully become the first person to fly across the English Channel using a jet-powered fixed wing. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/7637905.stm   To infinity and beyond!

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