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Creative Arts Book of the Week, 25/04/16

Another interesting week, helping students with some last minute referencing enquiries prior to dissertation hand-ins. I really enjoy seeing what they’ve spent the last 6 months or so working on. This week, I’ve learnt something about Snapchat and am really

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Creating colouring: stress relief for you and a learning curve for me

Feeling stressed? Need to find a way to clear your mind and re-focus your thoughts? Well fear not, we have just the thing! Studies have shown that colouring is a therapeutic pastime with relaxing benefits similar to those achieved through

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King of Portsmouth: an engaging exhibition

You may remember back in January I blogged about the devastating effect of the Blitz on Portsmouth which took place 75 years ago. Some of the most evocative artistic images of this period, which retain all their power and emotion today,

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Mail Art in the Library

Next time you visit the library, make sure that you take a look at the fabulous Mail Art exhibition on the first floor, curated by Oliver Tubb, MA(Res) Creative Industries student. Ollie’s project aims to archive and promote an extensive

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JSTOR: a guided journey

Good news for all our budding Arts and Humanities scholars!  JSTOR have just produced a series of subject guides to help you get the most from their resources, including: Books Art & Art History resources Language & Literature resources Political Science resources Education

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 11/01/16

Over the Christmas holidays I had the good fortune to catch the Terry Frost exhibitions at The Exchange and Newlyn Art Gallery. I took advantage of the guided tour around each to understand more about his work (I bought the book too, but

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Watercolour artwork exhibition in Area 1C

Mini-breaks help refresh your concentration.  Why not take in some of the artwork exhibited around the Library?  We are currently exhibiting watercolour paintings by various artists in Area 1C.  You can find a small brochure for the exhibition on the

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For those of you who love archives and libraries and enjoy visiting museums and art galleries, this may be the website for you.  If you like finding out about forthcoming exhibitions (and anything archaeological and historical) see http://www.culture24.org.uk/home. It’s partly

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 09/11/15

Welcome to Book of the Week and a peek into some of our Special Collections at the same time… I have always loved interesting or unusual book covers and Fully booked: cover art & design for books (edited by Matthias

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Who’s afraid of the big, bad… picture?

At the far end of the first floor, in the newest part of the building, there’s a print of a painting. It’s quite large, and for the last few years I’ve avoided walking anywhere near it. Maybe I should explain.

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