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10 years on: looking back at the completed library

It is now a full ten years since the then Vice-Chancellor talked of “completing” the University Library with the award-winning extension that now houses the Library Café and the arts and literature book collection. Revisit the past on the Library website.  

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 01/02/16

The story of the ‘Domus Dei’ of Portsmouth: commonly called the Royal Garrison Church by Henry Press Wright As someone interested in local history I was aghast when I discovered we only had one ancient pamphlet on this subject in

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Creative Arts Book of the Week, 25/01/16

How do you choose a book? Do you judge a book by its cover? Do you look for something light enough to carry in your bag? Well, I was drawn to this book, partly by the cover and partly by the title,

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Resolved: Architects’ Journal unavailable via Construction Information Service

Update – 20 January 2016: The link to Architects’ Journal via Construction Information Service is now working again. N.B. this has only been fixed in the new CIS platform; the legacy CIS platform will be turned off on 29th January.

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Creative Arts book of the week 23/11/15

Setting the scene: perspectives on twentieth-century theatre architecture, edited by Alistair Fair Browsing the new book display, this interesting cover caught my eye. I love theatres as buildings and as places for performance. As a seasoned traveller who loves the classical

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Technology Book of the Week 3/11/15

Digital Drawing for Designers: a visual guide to AutoCAD 2015 by Douglas R. Seidler. Books in the 620s aren’t often very attractive to look at but this is an exception in being both well-designed and containing a feast of illustrations

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 26/10/15

Designs on Film: A Century of Hollywood Art Direction by Cathy Whitlock and The Art Directors Guild Any book that has a film still from The Wizard of Oz is fine by me.  Being a child at heart I am

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 19/10/15

I’ve chosen this week’s book to tie in with our trial of the Material ConneXions database: Interior Design Materials and Specifications by Lisa Godsey. This book is designed to help interior designers make good decisions in selecting and specifying materials.

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Material ConneXions

Material ConneXion is on trial until 3rd November.  It is a great resource for students of architecture and interior architecture and anyone looking at product design or building materials. Material ConneXion owns the world’s largest collection of unique, innovative and sustainable materials.

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AJ website problem and workaround (resolved)

Update 02/10/15 – Access to AJ has been restored.  AJ is once again available directly from the link under “Industry Journals” toward the bottom of the CIS homepage.   There is a technical problem with the AJ (Architects’ Journal) website preventing direct access to

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