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Upward and onward: keeping the people flowing

As more and more architecture is finally unmasked as the mere organisation of flow – shopping centres, airports – it is evident that circulation is what makes or breaks public architecture.  – Rem Koolhaas “Why does it take so long to

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 07/03/16

I am stretching the definition of book his week to introduce you to El Croquis: International Architecture Magazine. The University Library chose to shelve El Croquis with its book collections, perhaps because each edition focuses on a particular architect or practice,

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10 years on: looking back at the completed library

It is now a full ten years since the then Vice-Chancellor talked of “completing” the University Library with the award-winning extension that now houses the Library Café and the arts and literature book collection. Revisit the past on the Library website.  

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 01/02/16

The story of the ‘Domus Dei’ of Portsmouth: commonly called the Royal Garrison Church by Henry Press Wright As someone interested in local history I was aghast when I discovered we only had one ancient pamphlet on this subject in

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Creative Arts Book of the Week, 25/01/16

How do you choose a book? Do you judge a book by its cover? Do you look for something light enough to carry in your bag? Well, I was drawn to this book, partly by the cover and partly by the title,

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Resolved: Architects’ Journal unavailable via Construction Information Service

Update – 20 January 2016: The link to Architects’ Journal via Construction Information Service is now working again. N.B. this has only been fixed in the new CIS platform; the legacy CIS platform will be turned off on 29th January.

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Creative Arts book of the week 23/11/15

Setting the scene: perspectives on twentieth-century theatre architecture, edited by Alistair Fair Browsing the new book display, this interesting cover caught my eye. I love theatres as buildings and as places for performance. As a seasoned traveller who loves the classical

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Technology Book of the Week 3/11/15

Digital Drawing for Designers: a visual guide to AutoCAD 2015 by Douglas R. Seidler. Books in the 620s aren’t often very attractive to look at but this is an exception in being both well-designed and containing a feast of illustrations

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 26/10/15

Designs on Film: A Century of Hollywood Art Direction by Cathy Whitlock and The Art Directors Guild Any book that has a film still from The Wizard of Oz is fine by me.  Being a child at heart I am

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 19/10/15

I’ve chosen this week’s book to tie in with our trial of the Material ConneXions database: Interior Design Materials and Specifications by Lisa Godsey. This book is designed to help interior designers make good decisions in selecting and specifying materials.

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