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Ebsco to stop supporting Internet Explorer 8 and 9

From July 2017 (during the next summer vacation), Ebsco will stop supporting Internet Explorer 8 and 9.  These are very old versions of this browser (the University at time of writing offers IE 11).  If you are running a version earlier than IE 10,

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Visual thinking, visual learning

Pic Collage is a free photo editor and collage creation app useful for creating and annotating field trip photo albums, drawing and adding text to mark important features, research and illustrate design concepts, and even create visually appealing infographics and conference or

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Studio Ghibli’s animation software becomes available for free

Update 15.12.16 – OpenToonz has been released and can be found and downloaded here. Graduating to a career in animation?  OpenToonz, an open source version of the software used by Hayao Miyazaki’s animation studio, Studio Ghibli, becomes available as a free open source and download from

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Flipboard: turn your (digital) social life into a magazine

Flipboard brings together your news and social media feeds, magazines and blogs to form a personalised gossip magazine(s).  You can even create your own magazines (privately or publicly) and subscribe to others’ public magazines.  You can read, like, retweet, comment and

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Maths: applied apps

While networked software probably offers the best options for creating mathematical formulae, there are free apps that can help you visualise, solve and play with equations, including PhotoMath, My Script Calculator and Desmos.

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Cogi: luxury sound recording

Not a small and misspelled dog but a powerful dictaphone app that offers one-touch recording from up to 45 seconds before you hit “record”.  It allows you to annotate your audio recording with photographs of whiteboards, notes, diagrams or pictures

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Listening to the printed word

Ever wished that you could have someone read printed books or journal articles to you?  Now you can. In a recent blog post, we explained how Robobraille can convert text to speech in minutes: submit your text and it will email you the

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Robobraille – text digitised and simplified

Robobraille has been mentioned before on Liblog but it is worth drawing out as a particularly good app for converting a picture of text into the real thing online. No, it is not intended to help you more easily copy and paste

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StudyBlue: digital flashcards

StudyBlue is an app for creating digital flashcards and then use them to test your learning.  Research has shown that flashcards are the fastest and easiest way of learning new information and they are also an effective revision tool.  Creating flashcards involves

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RefME: referencing simplified

RefME is a referencing app that allows you to scan barcodes or search for the article and it will import a reference for you.  The RefME WebClipper offers a way to grab information about articles as you view them.  RefME is a popular time

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