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New Digimap trial includes high resolution aerial photography, area building surveys and land use mapping

Digimap has launched a pilot collection of data that they are trying out and evaluating against demand.  Just login to Digimap, agree to the licence conditions and you are free to use the new data up until 31st July 2020.

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Persian rug patterns using Google Maps

Aerial photo images extracted from Google Maps have been pieced together to form images that look like complex Persian rug patterns. http://beautifuldecay.com/2013/04/01/aerial-photographs-that-look-like-intricate-persian-rug-patterns-created-with-google-maps/

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Britain from Above

Britain from Above is a project aimed at conserving photographs dating from 1919 to 1953 that form the Aerofilms collection.  The site is searchable or you can browse using a map of Great Britain. There is also an opportunity to

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Interestingly Shaped Islands

TOTD was recently sent some images taken from the International Space Station, including a view of the island of Juan de Nova off the west coast of Madagascar which looks remarkably like a hat. Here are some more islands with

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Driving simulator

TOTD regularly uses Google Maps, Google Street View, Google Earth and the excellent air photo imagery available via Bing’s bird’s-eye view. This site is perhaps only a driving simulator in the sense that you enter a start and end point

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Britain from the Air

Air photography is a hugely important technique used for a diverse range of applications, from cartography to surveillance. It can be very beautiful too, as shown by this wonderful audio slide show from the BBC. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11427007 The images come from an exhibition

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California Coastline

TOTD spotted this at No.2 in the Time 50 Best Websites 2009. Photographing the entire coastline of California from a helicopter flying as low as 500 feet sparked some controversy and, like Google’s Street View, it does raise some questions about

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Finding letter forms in remotely sensed images

Between October 2008 and April 2009, Rhett Dashwood, a graphic designer from Australia, searched Google Maps hoping to discover land formations or buildings resembling letter forms. This is what he found within the state of Victoria. http://rhettdashwood.com.au/#16575 And here is the A-Z of

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