Be you. Learn differently

Women at a photo galleryEverybody learns differently.  Happily there are a whole suite of Library services and apps available to help you do just that!

Set your learning free

Try these free apps for personalising your learning, many of which will make your life easier if you are averse to reading and digesting large blocks of written text.

These other free apps promise to help you unlock your productivity, offering you more ways to support different ways of working collaboratively, automate processes on your phone, create your own animations and more.

Library accessibility services

If you have registered specific print or learning disabilities, there are a number of adaptive devices the Library offers to support your learning.  An overview of what we can currently offer is described in this introductory slideshow.  These vary from coloured overlays to aid those with dyslexia to physical difficulties handling printed books to a scanning service for those whose registered print or visual disabilities make it only possible for them easily to read using a screen reader or extreme large print.

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Try a classic ‘whodunnit’ murder mystery

Murdery mysteryDo you enjoy a good ‘who dunnit’ murder mystery?  It has been established that people learn best if they study in focused bursts of around 25 minutes separated by five minutes of doing something very different.  Why not make this murder mystery your five minutes of something different for the next few days and learn how to solve the odd murder in the library in your spare time?!

Our Body in the Library activity is great for resetting your concentration ready for resetting your concentration so you can get more done and sharpen up your research skills for your course and assignments at the same time.  Built originally for distance learners studying Criminology, it’s fun and useful for everyone.

Follow this link, sign into Moodle and enrol on the Body in the Library activity to get started. Let us know if you get stuck and we will be happy to help.

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Welcome to your subject pages: all the best academic sources in one place

FootprintsHave you seen your subject pages?  If the one search Google-style convenience of the Discovery Service is just not delivering the results you need or you are looking for specialised resources, try your subject pages.

They are useful for everys subject but essential if you are looking for:

  • images, video and sound clips you can use in your work
  • legal statutes and cases
  • company information or market reports.

You can pick any subject you are interested in from the “Subjects” menu on the Library homepage.  Created by Faculty Librarians, here you can find everything from links to premium resources we have paid for you to access to useful websites and publications.

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If all the life’s a stage, have you read the playbill?

Playbill for an 1858 production of the opera "Orpheus"Do you have an interest in theatre history, playbills or ephemera? On Thursday 4th October 2018 there will be an opportunity to learn about the history of playbills and to explore some of the British Library playbill collection which has been digitised for the ‘In The Spotlight’ project. The workshop will give an introduction to the ‘In the Spotlight’ website which is using crowd-sourcing to transcribe the playbills, some of which are from Portsmouth.

This free workshop will be led by Christian Algar, Curator of Printed Heritage Collections at the British Library, and takes place from 2.00-3.30 pm in the Doyle Room at Portsmouth History Centre (3rd floor of Portsmouth Central Library).  It would be great if you can bring along a laptop or tablet computer, although this is by no means essential.  Please ensure any devices are fully charged for the event because there no plug sockets are available within the History Centre.

Book your place in advance

Booking is essential.  Please call 02392 688046 or visit the Central Library and speak to the History Centre staff on the top floor to reserve your free place.

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A space apart for postgraduates

The library is an expansive and well furnished space but sometimes as a postgraduate you just want to get away from it all.  That’s where the Postgraduate Study Suite comes in.  Located in the far right hand corner of the ground floor from the entrance, if you follow the corridor around the back of the building you will come the Individual Silent Study and Group Study postgraduate study suites nearest to the drinking water fountain on the corner.

Open only to postgraduate students, just scan your student card and enter one of two study spaces that are exclusively yours!  (You might have to ask in your department to get your student card activated before you can access the suite.)  Replete with wall-to-wall whiteboards in the group study room and a compartmentalised cluster of individual silent study rooms, and with drinking water and toilet facilities nearby in the corridor outside, we hope you will be able to find a study space that meets your every need.

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Introducing… the University Library (in bitesize chunks, most with short videos)

Pablo Penguin (@uoppenguin on Twitter) looking perplexedStarting University can feel daunting and so we have put together a series of simple bite-sized Introducing… guides that introduce you to the best of all things library.  There are even a couple of slideshows dedicated to showcasing free apps that allow you can use to personalise and improve your learning experience.

You can find all these by following the Introducing… link on the library homepage but the slideshows most likely to interest you are:

If you are a postgraduate student, don’t miss out on the things we only offer to postgraduates!
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Do you learn at a distance?

Student working with laptop at homeYour digital library online

Everyone can use all of our electronic resources online from anywhere over the internet.  It is much easier to use our resources if you set up your home computer, tablet, phone, etc. to connect to the internet as if through the University network.  This saves you having to log in to most resources and makes any resources only available “on campus” available to you anywhere.  Step-by-step instructions for setting up the VPN are provied on MyPort.

If you are working from a workplace computer or you are entirely averse to downloading any software onto your computer, you will be unable to use the VPN.  You can enjoy many of the same benefits of the VPN by setting your web browser to access the internet via the University web proxy server.  This can be done using any web browser.  Instructions for setting up the web browser using the most popular web browser, Google Chrome, is available in this Liblog post.

Please get in touch if you have any concerns or difficulties, including if you want to set up the web proxy for a different browser.  We are here to help 24/7 by both phone and online chat.

Additional services for distance learners

If you are enrolled on a distance learning course or are living at a considerable distance from Portsmouth and are enrolled on a part-time course, you can make use of services we provide to support distance learning, including postal loans, emailed scans of book chapters and journal articles, and more.  You can find out more about the distance learning services we offer on the library website, under Support > Distance learning support.

In order to make use of these services, you must have completed your registration, including requesting a student card and uploading a photo, so that this card can be produced.  This might seem entirely unnecessary if you never intend to visit the campus/library but our library management system will not allow us to complete the registration process and let us send books and articles to you until you complete this step.  Rest assured we store uncollected student cards securely and destroy them all as they expire.


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Library opens 24/7 until Xmas

The Library at duskThe Library is now open continuously until the start of the Christmas Vacation Period.  You read it right – we never close.  We will repeat our continous opening from the start of the next term until everyone goes home in early June.

While this is good news for early risers and late workers, we would like to point out that there is only so much work you can usefully attempt to do in a day, and that University is a long journey.  Make sure you get enough exercise, rest, social time and regular sleep every day to unwind, keep well, and keep going strong!  There is more to life than work.  Now be honest, you never expected to find your library telling you that at the start of term, did you?

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Love your (online) reading lists

Your reading lists are your friends.  They are resources your lecturers feel are particularly good for your course.  They show you what to read and use first for your assignments.  Each item has a blue button alongside it that either shows you how many copies of a book are available and where they are shelved or takes you straight through to the ebook, journal article or other electronic (online) resource you need to read.  They make life easier and save you time!

Read more ›

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Work anywhere with the VPN or web proxy (updated)

Student working at laptopYou can use all the library’s premium subscription resources from anywhere for freeas if you were on campus.  In order to enjoy the full experience, including making group study room bookings and getting to use some otherwise ‘campus only’ resources, you need to set up either the VPN or web proxy service on your computer.

Click Read more below for details of how to set up the VPN and web proxy services on you computer. Read more ›

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