Ravelin Park side toilets closed for maintenance (resolved)

Update 20.10.17 – All the Library toilets are open and working normally again. Thank you for your patience.

We regret the men’s toilets at the rear of the building (situated in the Ravelin Park side teaching room corridor near the Postgraduate Suite) are temporarily closed for maintenance.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Alternative facilities

Alternative accessible toilet facilities, are available outside the main turnstiles in the Entrance Area and on the upper floors on the Ravelin Park side of Areas 1B and 2B.  These may be most quickly accessed by taking the lift in the Atrium and taking the doors to your right: the toilets will then be to your left on both floors.  Area 1C on the first floor also has accessible toilets but they lack a wheelchair accessible entrance.

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Enter the eBook

ebooks photoJust starting out?  Have you discovered how useful ebooks can be yet?  They are available even after the last copy of a book is on loan and you can read them from anywhere with an internet connection, including on your mobile or tablet.  Better still, you can download the one chapter you need for free (but only one per ebook)!

Some ebooks even allow you to download the entire book for a short time – how long varies depending on the supplier but it is normally either one or two weeks.  It should tell you when you download it.  This is particularly useful if you should want to read the ebook somewhere without a reliable internet connection.

Finding ebooks

“Where do I find these wondrous ebooks?” I hear you cry.  In the same place you find printed books – through your online reading lists, the Library Catalogue, and the Discovery Service.  You can choose to limit your results to just “Online resources” in the Catalogue or “Ebooks” in Discovery to make it easy to just see ebooks.

Getting into ebooks

Online reading lists – Click the big blue button next to the title.

In the Catalogue – Click the ebook title and then on the obscure little Online access link half-way through the record.

In DiscoveryClick on the link that promises to take you to the online resource (the exact wording varies)

All good? =)

If you have a problem finding, accessing or using an ebook or you have any questions about it’s features, whether and how to download all or part of it, how to cite and reference ebooks, or indeed anything else even vaguely Library or information related, please click the button on the Library website to get in touch.

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BSOL only available on campus and via VPN

A problem has developed accessing British Standards Online (BSOL) away from the University campus.


You can access BSOL from anywhere if you first set up the VPN (or Web Proxy).

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More than one way to read a book by Slack

Are you studying for a degree in Management, Business Studies or a closely related subject?  Have you been told to read key readings from “Business operations and systems management” by Slack only to find all copies of the book are already on loan to those on your course who seem to need the least sleep?  Fear not, we have other ways of getting to at least the first two chapters of this particular book…

Chapter 1
Is the same as Chapter 1 in Operations management by Slack.
We hold three editions of this book: 6th ed., 7th ed., and 8th ed.
It is also available as an ebook that you can read online from anywhere with an internet connection.
Chapter 2
Is the same as Chapter 2 in Essentials of operations management by Slack
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Problems accessing Artstor

Update 06.10.17 – Further problems have been reported by clients attempting to access Artstor while away from the University campus.  We recommend setting up the VPN (or Web Proxy) before attempting to access Artstor unless you are working on campus.  This will give you access to all Library resources as if you were working on a campus computer and we recommend everyone install it who intend to work from elsewhere.  The Web Proxy is an alternative solution for anyone who cannot set up the VPN because their workplace computer is not working properly.

Problems have been reported accessing Artstor.


The supplier has suggested that clearing the browser cache resolves these problems.  If you are unsure how to do this or if you still have problems after attempting this, please get in touch.

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EBSCO ebooks on mobile

How to read an EBSCO ebook on a mobile device without downloading it

Everyone likes to be different, it seems, and EBSCO are no different.  While downloading ebooks is typically something unusual, and rationed by, most ebook suppliers, EBSCO ebooks are only available to download from their mobile website.  You can read EBSCO ebooks online but you first have to tap on the link at the very bottom of the web page to change to view the desktop site.

If you have any difficulty finding, accessing or using any of our resources, please get in touch.  A professional librarian is available by phone or online chat to give you instant answers 24/7, and we usually reply to emails very quickly during staffed hours.

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Work anywhere at your own virtual University

laptop photoSetting up a virtual private network (VPN)

You can enjoy the online campus learning experience and to make use of the safe storage and facilities of the University computer network from anywhere by downloading a small software program and running it to set up a Virtual Private Network on your home computer.

The VPN allows you to access resources as if you are on campus, and can easily be turned on and off.  It means you have to log in less often and grants access to all our resources from wherever you are working.  We recommend it highly for anyone who spends any time working away from the University campus and especially for distance learners.  Information Services have produced a step-by-step guide to setting up the VPN.   Read more ›

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New eBooks – September 2017

What follows is a list of new electronic books received by the Library during September 2017 ordered by title. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Read more ›

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New Books – September 2017

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during September 2017 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Read more ›

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Changes to the Library zones

In order to better exclude the ambient noise rising from the Atrium into the Individual Silent Study Zone, we have moved one of the Individual Silent Study Zones to the first floor.  Area 1B is now an Individual Silent Study Zone; Area 2B has ceased to be one.  The Individual Silent Study zones now comprise Area 1B on the first floor and Areas 2A & 2C second floor.  The entrances to the Individual Silent Study zones are clearly marked with red and white signs in lollipop stands.

Please do not talk, answer you phone or otherwise make a noise in the Individual Silent Study zones.  You are welcome to work with others and hold quiet conversations in the rest of the Library and in 3rd Space, next door in the Student Union.  Most people occasionally want to get their heads down and study without distractions from time to time, and the Individual Silent Study zones are often the only place they can.  Please respect this and let them study in peace.

If someone is disturbing your work, it is worth asking them if they realise they are in an Individual Silent Study zone and telling them they are disrupting your concentration.  If you prefer, or if they persist, you can discreetly text our Security team on 07860 756894 and they will walk through and ask anyone making a noise to stop or move to leave the silent study zone.


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