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Share and share alike

The library space, like the library collections, have to be shared between all our students.  We added 90 more study spaces this year alone and there really is is room for everyone, if everyone just takes their belongings with them

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Storytelling for grown-ups (in an academic setting)

Last month, September 12th, saw an interesting one-day symposium taking place at CCI Eldon building titled ‘Storytelling in Learning Development’. It was organised by Learning Developers/ Academic Skills Tutors from two faculties as a regional symposium of their professional body

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Happy Bi Visibility Day!

Happy Bi Visibility Day everybody!   Today we celebrate the full diversity of folk. Studies show that sexual diversity and fluidity is normal and widespread but that those who love both men and women feel they must hide their diversity

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Out of the Archives: Introducing our Special Collections

Some of you may have noticed that we have a new display case on the first floor of the University of Portsmouth Library. Our new display case has been especially built to display items from our Rare Books and Special

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23 wellbeing things. No. 4, Remember you are not alone

It is easy to imagine that it is only you that is experiencing problems with your referencing, has just realised the work won’t comfortably fit into the time remaining before hand-in time, or is getting stressed about something else entirely

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Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to Google?

Looking for a different, more environmentally friendly alternative to Google?  Try Ecosia – the search engine that seeks to reforest the planet.

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In case of (urgent) need

One of our most frequently, and urgently, asked questions is here to find the toilets.  The library floor plans show the locations of all the library toilets and (nearby) drinking water fountains.  Click or tap on the 3D floor plan

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Gender as accepted fact… gender as myth?

Society has for the longest time held that people can universally be divided along the lines of their anatomical gender.  We can see this plainly in the design of toilet blocks and changing rooms that segregate gender.  This overly simplistic

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How close is too close?

In the past you told us that some of the silent areas of the Library were noisier than they should hav been.  That’s why we recently restructured the Individual Silent Study zone, grouping several areas together into the side of

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Happy Hallowe’en. Now imagine life without checking your mobile phone!

‘Tis Hallowe’en, that joyous ancient Pagan/Christian/commercial (take your pick, there seems to be little consensus on it’s origins) spooky festival when people traditionally give each other a friendly fright.  In the spirit of Hallowe’en, I would like to put forward

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