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A round-up of the bizarre and brilliant of the web corralled by the University of Portsmouth Library.

Of marbles lost and faculties retained… dispelling dementia myths

Most people’s perceptions of dementia are excessively negative.  Many of the signs of dementia are misunderstood and made worse by a lack of reasonable adjustments by carers and others who understand the condition poorly. What do you think of when

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Taking good notes might sound boring to some but read on…

Mind map about conflict

Did you know there is a difference between taking notes and making notes? Notetaking means taking notes from original source (later you decide what to quote or paraphrase). Notemaking, however, is your active engagement with what you have read/ heard

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Safety tips for those heading overseas from AIG

AIG (American Insurance Group) are offering a free webinar on student travel safety and preparedness at 2pm (UK time) on 21 March 2019. If you are interested, you can register for the webinar here. You can also add the event

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Truth and the turning wheel of history

There are lies, damn lies, and then there is politics.  Fake news has been around since the dawn of civilisation and has taken flight and caused serious concern more than once in human history.  Crises of authority and the desperate

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The world wide web is 30 today!

Before 1989, computers were rarely networked and no world wide web of computers existed to share information via websites.  The internet has existed since the 1970s, hosting messaging boards and other such protocols, now largely reneged to the dark net,

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Images from the Archive: celebrating International Women’s Day 2019

Portsmouth Municipal College, one of the predecessors of the University of Portsmouth, employed women in the Chemical and Natural Science Department from its earliest years. The 1913 college prospectus lists both Edith D. Johnson M.SC and Winifred E. Coalbran B.SC

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Rowans Hospice volunteer recruitment day (Sat, 23 March 2019)

Rowans Hospice are hosting a volunteer recruitment day on Saturday 23 March from 9.30am – 1.30pm, at which anyone interested can learn more about the various volunteering opportunities they offer across the Hospice, Living Well Centre and local retail shops. 

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Your computer awaits

Pull up at any PC (or iMac) or borrow laptops from any of the banks of grey lockers on the ground floor and plug it in for instant computing at a pace to suit you.  You can plug in and

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In case of (urgent) need

One of our most frequently, and urgently, asked questions is here to find the toilets.  The library floor plans show the locations of all the library toilets and (nearby) drinking water fountains.  Click or tap on the 3D floor plan

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The Research Excellence Framework: a guided tour for the rest of us

Are you working in one of the professional services and wondering what it is about the Research Excellence Framework (REF) that excites all your academic colleagues?  On 6 March, Andy Dixon (Deputy Director R&I Environment and Strategy) will be explaining what the

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