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A round-up of the bizarre and brilliant of the web corralled by the University of Portsmouth Library.

Reeling in long links

The origins of link shorteners In the early days of the web, if you had a really long, complicated web address you had no choice but to write it down very carefully or bookmark it using your browser.  Nowadays, long

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National Book Tokens £1000 giveaway

How does a free £1000 grab you?  Still interested if you can only spend it on books (fun ones as well as books for study)?  If you or someone you know might be interested in having all the reading for

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Beyond Google

“Google is coming after critics in academia and journalism. It’s time to stop them.” ~ Zephyr Teachout Is there anything Google cannot do?  Is there anything Google soon will not decide it should not do?  By the time you rule the world,

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Releasing the world’s art into the wild

Here’s something to make your weekend.  Our year of free art continues, with the British Library following the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art in releasing millions of images free for anyone to use online under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0)

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Funny fake posters hit California

From the serious to the ridiculously funny, fake news to fake fliers (because every subject has its silver lining and it is the role of art and comedy to redeem the human condition). Comedian Is Covering California In Fake Flyers and They’re

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Reading between the headlines: from fake news to Firstnews

Parody, deception, the manipulation of information, unethical news reporting, and ‘alternative facts’ are more and more prevalent as the war for hearts and minds heats up worldwide and politicians and spin doctors seek to play on our basic instincts and hardwired psychological tendencies.

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Life: illustrated. Beatrix Potter, born today in 1866

Today in 1866, famous naturalist and author-illustrator Beatrix Potter was born.  Although she was a skilled naturalist, who presented a work on mycology (the study of fungi – toadstools and moulds) to the Royal Society, Beatrix Potter is one of the

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Scottish bronze age settlement modeled in modern Lego

A new Lego installation in Caithness, Scotland, is helping children to understand local archaeology.  It also shows that if you can imagine it you can probably model it in Lego. The number of bespoke Lego bricks and other components that are

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Bikes go free this summer on the Gosport Ferry

If you are a keen cyclist and travel in on the Gosport Ferry, make sure you make use of the “Bikes Go Free” promotion the ferry operator is running again this summer.  For the third year running, you can transport bicycles across

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