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A round-up of the bizarre and brilliant of the web corralled by the University of Portsmouth Library.

Reading about reading

Reading is a curious habit, something you have to learn to begin with and persevere at until you get really good at it, when it becomes very useful and, well, fun.  Worrying then, that it is claimed to be a

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Surviving the exam period! Dos and Don’ts

We asked Gracie Fuller, one of our Masters students, to cast her mind back over her undergraduate degree and offer some advice on how to survive assignments and the exam period intact and well.  Here’s what she had to say…

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Green for danger: the silent killer in the room

Homes have concealed many hidden killers over the years, from fire retardant and insulating asbestos wall coverings used so widely in Victorian and Edwardian times, to wallpapers with deadly arsenical dyes.  Astonishingly, while asbestos has became one of the most

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  While you might be forgiven for thinking it a commercial venture dreamed up by greetings card shops, chocolatiers and florists, the origins of the Valentine myth and its link to romance are much older and shrouded in

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Calling all academics using social media: the NCCPE needs you!

Are you a member of academic staff enthusiastically engaging with social media to promote your research?  The National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement are looking to develop support for academics who want to engage the public using social media and they

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WriteUP: your favourite stories yet to be told

Do you like stories?  Perhaps you write them in your spare time, or perhaps you have wanted to but never tried.  Now’s your chance!  The WriteUP Short Story Competition is an exciting new venture brought to you by English Literature

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The A-maze-ing history of a Southsea mansion

Occasionally several things come together from disparate places to form the “perfect” enquiry. Last week, a staff training session, a TV series, databases and a few books came together in exactly this way.

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Celebrating PD James’ work

Publishers Faber & Faber have engaged the services of Bookswarm to develop a new website to showcase the work of crime-writing legend PD James, who opened the latest extension of the University Library. The new site was launched on 3rd August 2017, the

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The origin of London’s place names

“Turn left at Elephant and Castle and go straight on to Gilder’s Green…” London is replete with curious place names but have you ever wondered how they came about and what they originally meant?  Many have mundane meanings, while others

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Time to Talk Day (1st February 2018)

Thursday 1st February is Time to Talk Day: an annual day that brings the nation together to get talking and break the silence around mental health problems, launched by Time to Change.  Both the University and Student Union have signed the pledge

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