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A round-up of the bizarre and brilliant of the web corralled by the University of Portsmouth Library.

Reflections in the mirror of your mind: a very brief guide to self-mastery

What do you think of, when you think of reflection?  A crisp likeness in a mirror?  How about an indistinct, distorted but recognisable image staring back at us seemingly from beneath the surface of a body of clear, still water? 

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Writing up a dissertation: four tips for success

Writing up a dissertation can feel very different from writing a normal assignment because it is simply so much longer.  Happily, there are several tricks and tips to make this Herculean project more manageable. Start with the end in mind

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The British Library reading rooms have re-opened!

The British Library has now partially reopened its reading rooms at both London St Pancras and Boston Spa in Yorkshire. All visits must be booked in advance using the British Library’s online ‘box office’ system.  While you can still get scanned

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BBC News is now available worldwide (until end July)!

Box of Broadcasts (BoB UK) now offers worldwide coverage of the BBC News Channel, offering access to all those university students who have returned home overseas due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you are an international student enrolled at the

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Thompson Reuters is recruiting law reps

Thompson Reuters, providers of the excellent Lexis Library package, are recruiting student law database representatives for the coming 2020/21 academic year. As a student law representative, you would encourage the more effective use of TR legal services such as Westlaw UK,

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Your hub for expert opinion and scientific facts on the coronavirus pandemic

Looking for reliable news and analysis of the coronavirus pandemic?  Look no further. The Information Literacy Group have compiled a list of expert blogs and reliable sources of scientific evidence to suit all your needs.  Check it out here.

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On this day in 1660

On this day in 1660, Charles II returned to London from exile in the Netherlands to claim the English throne on his 30th birthday after the Puritan Commonwealth instigated by Oliver Cromwell came to an end. This marked the end

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We need to talk about prejudice

Today, I would like to take you on a brief exploration of the nature and roots of human prejudice. The evolutionary basis of prejudice Humans have only eight primordial emotions, one of the most powerful of which is disgust.  We

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Truth and the turning wheel of history

There are lies, damn lies, and then there is politics.  Fake news has been around since the dawn of civilisation and has taken flight and caused serious concern more than once in human history.  Crises of authority and the desperate

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How to look out for your mate – an expert guide

Helping a mate or family member when they are low or bereaved can be extremely challenging and there is no easy way to know what (or how much) to say.  What is clear is that when people are very low

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