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A round-up of the bizarre and brilliant of the web corralled by the University of Portsmouth Library.

Empty nests

The Autumn Term at the University of Portsmouth has always been my favourite. It’s when we get to meet all of our new students, and the excitement in the air is palpable. The Autumn Term brings with it that “first

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Copyright killed the YouTube star

You would imagine that if you record yourself playing music that is long out of copyright, J S Bach for example, on the piano in your bedroom, and post it to your YouTube channel, that no-one is going to accuse

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From copyright to clown eggs (and back again)

What could creatives and academics learn about from clown eggs?  Quite a lot, it turns out… Read this engaging blog post from the Scholarly Kitchen about how registering copyright works might make it easier to identify copyright owners, seek permission

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Learn Citavi in 20 minutes

Citavi is a powerful and increasingly popular project and reference management tool.  The free version supports up to 100 references and offers the full range of tools as the purchased/licensed full version, so you can try everything Citavi has to

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Introducing Citavi for reference and project management

Joining the existing cast of popular reference management apps, including Zotero and Mendeley, Citavi is an increasingly popular research project management tool that also supports reference management.

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Check your grammar while you type with Ginger and Grammerly

Are you distracted by the nagging feeling that your grammar might be letting your work down?  As with so many things, there is now an app (or several) for that!  Two popular free apps that check your grammar while you

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Beyond Google Translate

Building on Google Translate, Lingoes offers intuitive dictionary and text translation, look-up dictionaries, full-text translation, on-screen word capture, selected text translation, and pronunciation guides for words in more than 80 languages. Explore the app further at

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How does your postbox grow?

A retro red post box like ours in Wales has had to be decomissioned after health and safety concerns were raised by postal workers following a tree beside the post box growing to the point where it enveloped and partially

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Sketching the past: commemorating 20th century architecture

Portsmouth’s now-demolished Tricorn Centre, once voted Britain’s ugliest building, has been honoured in an online tribute to Britain’s lost 20th century architecture. From The Tricorn Centre in Portsmouth to Birmingham Central Library, a project has been launched that illustrates ten

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Happy National Simplicity Day!

Happy National Simplicity Day (for yesterday)! Simplicity is at the heart of beauty, function and reason.  It has been argued by many thinkers from Epicurus to Henry David Thoreau, who reflected on the joys of simple living in his book

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