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New free remote study support app now available

In response to the global Covid-19 pandemic, Fika has created a series of programmes allowing staff and students to learn from expert psychologists, students, academics and professional athletes in 5-minute video, audio and text programmes.  Download the app from Google

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Mass Observation 1980s has arrived!

Hot on the heels of our last humanities purchase, we are delighted to add the 1980s module of Mass Observation.  This digital archive contains topics of interest to a wide range of subjects, including History, Politics, the Social Sciences and

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Getting into Springer ebooks

We are getting a lot of enquiries at the moment from people who have logged into Springer ebooks but are being confused by the ebook landing page.  If you find yourself staring at a page like the one in the

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Sift through everyday Tudor and Stuart life with our latest History resource

We recently gained access to Early Modern England: Society, Culture and Everyday Life, 1500-1700. We’ve had access to Tudor and Stuart State Papers for six years now but if you’re interested in knowing what life was like for the “ordinary”

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Tools fit for a researcher

There are some amazing research tools available via AppsAnywhere.  They are all supported by Information Service (IS) rather than the Library but that doesn’t make them any less special.  Just be sure to click “OK” on the pop-up dialogue box

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Go straight to the CORE of open access research

Not all research is paid for by subscription.  For open access research, the author or research funding organisation pays an additional fee at the time of publication to allow the research to be made freely available to everyone in perpetuity.

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APA (6th ed.) referencing bite-sized: gather your reference links as you go!

Your reference list is a single alphabetical list of all the sources you have cited.  Everything you have cited should be included in your reference list and everything in your reference list should have been cited at least once in

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DOI codes and permalinks: a tale of two standards

Back in the day, there were different folks trying to solve the same problem: how to make things you find online easily and reliably retrievable despite the people hosting those things regularly giving web pages and other content descriptive names

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APA (6th ed.) referencing bite-sized: which date?

Books and ebook publishers, in particular, seem to enjoy listing long lists of dates on the back of the title page in order to confuse anyone trying to reference the (e)book.  This blog post explains how to pick the right

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APA (6th ed.) referencing bite-sized: unhelpful numbers of authors

As we all know, the correct number of authors for any work is one.  This makes it really simple to cite and reference, saving us time and therefore is objectively the best number.  Authors are however gregarious folk who often

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