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Moving your ebooks from your computer to your tablet

If you have ever downloaded an ebook to your home computer only to wish that you had chosen your phone or tablet instead then help is at hand, at least for one of our main ebook providers.  ProQuest, who provide

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New look for Oxford Art and Music Online

Oxford Art Online and Oxford Music Online both now have a new look.  Oxford Art Online includes the peer-reviewed, regularly updated Grove Dictionary of Art and the Benezit Dictionary of Artists with over 200,000 articles that span ancient to contemporary art

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Family Law Online is becoming part of Lexis Library

On Monday 18th December the e-resource Family Law Online  will become part of Lexis Library.

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Watch more, learn more: videos for all subjects

Tired of reading?  We have lots of videos to support your studies available from Alexander Street Press covering everything from clinical nursing to opera, LGBT studies to education, and cooking to travel.  Whatever you are into, there is much you can

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Changes to the library photocopying service for staff

From 1st January 2018 the library will no longer be offering a photocopying service for staff. Up until now, academic staff were able to request that library staff photocopy print journal articles and book chapters on their behalf for collection

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New e-resource trial: United Nations World Tourism Organization

We have a trial running for a new electronic resource, UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization).  This is a collection of books, journals and statistics for the tourism sector, covering areas such as ecotourism, sustainable development, finance and investment, risk and crisis

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We must have standards… by the way, what are they?

Standards make everything better, or at least more predictable.  Meeting requisite standards is often required to sell or export products and help ensure products are compatible with one another, and yet most people have no clear idea what they actually

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When scientific study isn’t all that scientific… by Pablo the Penguin

This week I’ve found out a lot about “fake news”. I suppose this would be the popular term for it anyway. What I found out was that what appears to be fact when someone writes about it convincingly can turn

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Crimes of the “cite” button

Many electronic resources offer a happy little “cite” link that suggests what the resource provider thinks a reference for an article or ebook should look like.  It is tempting to believe everything they say, copy and paste it into your

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Library catalogue records now tell you on which floor you can find your book

In the bad old days, which ended last week, you had to go from the Library catalogue to a printed floor guide to find your books.  Now every book tells you which floor of the Library it is on right

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