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Reading for pleasure?

Saturday 6th February is National Libraries Day. Hurrah! All week we’ve been asking our users to recommend their favourite books using a board in the library atrium. There are an interesting selection on there so far, ranging from Jackie Collins

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Inspiration for National Libraries Day 2016

What we intend to do for National Libraries Day 2016 Display and tweet a homemade map of the Public Libraries are in Portsmouth Print out the Libraries Day Message Boards and put them up around the building Use the slideshow from the

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Library staff travel East!

It’s always great to see members of Library staff developing skills, but a recent event is worthy of note when one of our Assistant Faculty Librarians travelled to Hong Kong in her capacity as an Accreditation Assessor for CILIP.

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The building blocks of enquiries…

Helping students with more specialised subject searches is usually the realm of our Faculty Librarians and their assistants, but sometimes we Enquiries staff are asked questions which sit on the borderline of being specialist, and which we enjoy helping with.

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Happy National Librarians Day?

According to my “calendar of very important National Days”, today is National Librarians Day. Although officially the nation is the US, any day that celebrates the work of library folk is worth celebrating if you ask me. On Tuesday, you may

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Why the Library is like an Easter egg…

It’s been a quiet week here in the Library. I can’t give you an exact figure for the number of Easter eggs which have been consumed by the Enquiries team, but it’s fair to say it was quite a few.

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How many librarians does it take to make a paper plane?

It started with a tweet. One of those throw-away tweets, stumbled across by accident, that then becomes all-important. I wanted to make an F-15 fighter jet from paper. From one piece of paper.

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A day in the life of…

Librarians, eh? What do we do? Sit at desks waiting to answer questions? Stamp dates in books? Not any more… Welcome to a day in the life of Ellie Enquiries*… It’s 8:50am and I’ve arrived at my desk. The walk in

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Refreshing Referencing

We know from the number of students asking us about it, that referencing in essays and other assignments is something they often find daunting and complicated. But how many of you knew that in order to help us to help

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Beautiful, Bookish, Beaulieu

Last Thursday, a band of adventurous staff set out by minibus (after only a short delay caused by being blocked in by a huge delivery lorry full of metal stuff) in the direction of the New Forest. Their destination? Beaulieu,

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