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Connecting Windows 10 laptops to presentation screens in Library group study rooms

It appears that devices running Windows 10 are not able to connect the presentation screens in the Library group study rooms via an HDMI cable.  Earlier versions of Windows are not believed to be affected.  Thank you for your patience

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Scanning in the Library (A4 to A0)

Need to scan something?  You can scan up to A3 for free 24/7 in the Library and our Map Library team can help you scan anything flat up to A0.   Click Read more below for further details about scanning at different sizes.

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Wireless network upgrade

Information Services are in the process of replacing all of the wireless access points in the Library with the newest versions to ensure we continue to offer the fastest and most reliable service possible.  From around 7.30 am tomorrow (Thursday

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Student led change in action: loanable laptops and the dawn of flexible working

Not so long ago we didn’t even have loanable laptops. We saw how much you love using them and so have made hundreds more available every year since! Just one of the successes of student led change.  We are always

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Touchscreen kiosk maintenance (16-18 December 2016)

The Library touchscreen information kiosks will be unavailable early next week (from approximately Monday 16th – Wednesday 18th December) while the software is updated.  This software update should improve reliability.  Catalogue computers are available on the first and second floors and from the Library website.  Thank you for your patience

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Shibboleth (institutional login) authentication problems (resolved)

Update 14.12.16 – The Shibboleth authentication problem appears to have been resolved. Update 13.12.16 – Information Services report this problem should be fixed by the end of Thursday, 15 December.  Please report all problems directly to Information Services on 023

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Web Proxy access not working for some clients (resolved)

Problems have been reported by some clients when trying to access electronic resources through the Web Proxy.  If you are having problems only with specific resources, please get in touch with the Library.  If you are unable to access anything,

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Downloaded ebooks lose their annotations when the download expires

Update 14.12.16 – A student has suggested a method of retrieving annotations from previous copies of ebooks downloaded from Ebook Central onto a laptop or desktop computer, which is described here. When you access an ebook over the internet, annotations you make always

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Intermittent problems reported editing online reading lists

Update 14.09.16 – Similar problems have been reported with other electronic Library resources, including Ebrary and the Discovery Service.  This post has been updated in this replacement post. Intermittent problems have  been experienced by lecturers editing online reading lists.  Problems have been reported at

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Work anywhere at your own virtual University

Update 20.09.18 – information on the web proxy recently disappeared from MyPort.  The links in this article have been updated to point to the newer MyPort article on the VPN and a blog post explaining how to set up the

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