Author: Anne-Kathrin Reck
Anne is an Academic Skills tutor in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries.

Do you notice your (study) habits?

I sometimes facilitate a workshop on study habits. Sounds boring? Hold on – believe me, it is intriguing and worth investigating. Like my online yoga teacher says, ‘Welcome to the mat.  You have invested in being here. Let’s do something.’

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The M-word. Motivation? Mindset!

Starting a new calendar year by thinking about how you learn is a good step. Warning – this post contains a lot of questions! I recently read an interesting article about being a self-directed distance learner. Studying this way clearly

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Studying with dyslexia? It’s not impossible (note the double negative)!

It’s not impossible (note the double negative)! I felt compelled to write about this topic. Not only did I work in dyslexia support for many years, but I also strongly assume that creativity and neurodiversity are closely related and recognise

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Storytelling for grown-ups (in an academic setting)

Last month, September 12th, saw an interesting one-day symposium taking place at CCI Eldon building titled ‘Storytelling in Learning Development’. It was organised by Learning Developers/ Academic Skills Tutors from two faculties as a regional symposium of their professional body

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We come up with New Year’s resolutions, why not for the new academic year, too?

Have you thought about the ‘new (academic) year – new you’ yet? I was reading the Metro paper the other day and an article by Susan Griffin on productivity caught my eye. Here is the resolutions list she devised: Start

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A brief look at the life of a postgraduate…

Postgraduate study is a totally different animal. What do I mean by this? First of all, you are more mature and experienced than when you started your undergraduate studies. You should be more focussed as well. Which direction do you

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It’s the end of the year – try some reflection

How did your academic year go? Do you normally judge your success and contentment by the marks you get? Have you ever thought that you could learn from your mistakes as well as your successes? Reflection Reflection is mighty important

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The artful editor – all you need to know at this time of the year

Around Easter time, it is final hand in for a lot of you, from essays to end-of-year reports or dissertations. Now you have done the hard work researching your topic and formulating your arguments, how do you make sure you

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Taking good notes might sound boring to some but read on…

Mind map about conflict

Did you know there is a difference between taking notes and making notes? Notetaking means taking notes from original source (later you decide what to quote or paraphrase). Notemaking, however, is your active engagement with what you have read/ heard

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Critical thinking

How to introduce a blog AND entice you to read it? Maybe a topic of the month? I thought to myself. My topic ‘of the month’ might hold your interest for 5 minutes. That’s all it takes to read a

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