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Historical gleanings on Government House

Ever wondered how there was room for such a spacious library with park surrounding it in the middle of the urban sprawl that is Portsmouth? The answer might surprise you…¬†

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The A-maze-ing history of a Southsea mansion

Occasionally several things come together from disparate places to form the “perfect” enquiry. Last week, a staff training session, a TV series, databases and a few books came together in exactly this way.

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Netflix and Krill (or, What I did during the Xmas vacation) by Pablo the Penguin

While the library staff were all at home eating turkey and pulling crackers, and most of our students were doing similar things, I was left here with only my over-sized penguin pal Pip for company.

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When scientific study isn’t all that scientific… by Pablo the Penguin

This week I’ve found out a lot about “fake news”. I suppose this would be the popular term for it anyway. What I found out was that what appears to be fact when someone writes about it convincingly can turn

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Library Penguin named among Jisc Top Ten Social Media Superstars 2017!

There was much excitement in the Library this week when Jisc named their Top Ten Social Media Superstars of 2017 in the Times Higher Education magazine, as our very own Pablo the Library Penguin made the list! The competition celebrates

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Discovering reliable academic sources… by Pablo the Penguin

I’ve been taking my research much more seriously lately. It’s time I made some progress – I can’t let Pip keep rampaging through the Library like this for much longer, it’s far too distracting for the poor students! After the

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First steps in research – by Pablo the Penguin

Being a Library Penguin, I thought I knew all about finding information. This week though, while I’ve been looking for help with the “Giant Pip” problem, I’ve realised that although I can waddle among the shelves and look at the

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The unexpected consequences of discarded rubbish… by Pablo the Penguin

Everyone knows that if you leave rubbish around it’ll begin to smell. It looks messy. Stuff might get sticky. And sometimes little mice come along and nibble at things. These are all EXPECTED consequences of discarded rubbish. What I’ve just

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What can the Enquiries team do for you?

So, you’ve found your way through the turnstiles, and you’re in the Library. Now what? You may have a reading list. You may have taken a note of a book your lecturer recommended in the first lecture. You may just

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A Global Quiz for Global People

Throughout March, the University has been marking Global Month, a celebration of global culture and friendship. Students from around the world come to study here, creating a diverse community with over 140 nationalities. Global Month created a calendar of events to

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