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A Global Quiz for Global People

Throughout March, the University has been marking Global Month, a celebration of global culture and friendship. Students from around the world come to study here, creating a diverse community with over 140 nationalities. Global Month created a calendar of events to

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Celebrating International Women’s Day with a local heroine

Today is International Women’s Day. There’s a display of books in the cafe, so head on by and pick up something to read. Those of you studying engineering, science, maths, politics or history might be interested to find out about

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Return of the Referencing Pop-Ups!

Good referencing and citation can make the difference between a good mark and a great mark, so it’s worth taking some time over. Sure, there are apps and other shortcuts you *could* use, but when there are all-important marks at

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Once we popped, we couldn’t stop!

Here in the Enquiries team we answer a lot of questions about referencing via email and online chat, but we don’t always get that many in person, from students visiting us at the Support Services Desk. We wondered if that was

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Helping you face your referencing fears…

So you’ve finished the essay. You’ve found all the sources you need, you’ve read them, and you’ve produced an essay that’s practically perfect in every way. And then your tutor says you need to work on your referencing. Your heart

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What do the Enquiries team do?

The Enquiries team have been doing something unusual this week. We’ve been talking about ourselves. This isn’t something that comes naturally, and it can seem a bit awkward, but as part of the Library’s staff development programme, we’ve been presenting

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Library Catalogue (resolved)

Update: 03.05.2016 This problem has now been resolved There is a problem with the library catalogue. This means that it is not possible to view your account, reserve or check the availability of books or journals at present.  The problem

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The Tale of Library Cat (and his penguin reviewer)…

He’s black and white, soft, and walks closer to the floor than most visitors to his library. No, not Pablo our resident penguin, but Library Cat, frequenter of Edinburgh University Library. Just like Pablo though, Library Cat *does* have a unique

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Creating colouring: stress relief for you and a learning curve for me

Feeling stressed? Need to find a way to clear your mind and re-focus your thoughts? Well fear not, we have just the thing! Studies have shown that colouring is a therapeutic pastime with relaxing benefits similar to those achieved through

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King of Portsmouth: an engaging exhibition

You may remember back in January I blogged about the devastating effect of the Blitz on Portsmouth which took place 75 years ago. Some of the most evocative artistic images of this period, which retain all their power and emotion today,

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