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Stay safe and secure – enjoy your time at university

Coming to University is an exciting (and for many terrifying) time.  There are so many new things to see, do and think about and new people to meet but wherever you are you should always keep your safety and security

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Friday fun

What happens when a faculty librarians fingers are left idle for a moment?  They find things like this gem on Reddit – a map of Europe showing the first word of each countries national anthem.  Take a peek! If neither the map

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Join the public library for fun and savings!

Membership of Portsmouth City libraries (the local public library service) is free and you don’t even need to live in Portsmouth to use them.  The public library has branches across Portsmouth and Southsea, from North End to Central Southsea. Their

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Talking truth to power

Disinformation is a well-worn path to power and those in power abuse it to maintain themselves amidst controversy.  Where then does the ordinary citizen and scholar turn to find the truth amidst a whirlwind of lies, often repeated innocently by

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Taking up the Slack (Essentials of Operations Management, 2nd ed.)

Update – 14 October Just when we thought everyone had access to this textbook, the supplier has messed up the login process. It is best if you set up the VPN to work off-campus (outside of halls).  Wherever you are

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Dive into Discovery

or Why not start with Google? Everybody loves Google, with good reason.  Google is great for finding the answers to any specific question where the answer will be pretty much all in one place and you will recognise it when

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Work anywhere over the University computer network

You can use all the library’s premium subscription eresources from anywhere for free as if you were on campus.  In order to enjoy the full experience, including making group study room bookings and getting to use some otherwise ‘campus only’

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Feeling the cold?

Grab a blanket for warmth! Some people feel the cold more than others, and so you can grab a blanket to use in the Library from baskets dotted around the Library.  What they lack in looks, they make up for

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Shopping for books? You need a basket

Books can be slippery and tricky to carry if you want to take out more than one or two books at a time.  Happily, the library offers baskets and even wheeled baskets (with extendable handles) for you to use.  They

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Books for sale, wanted and to swap

You can advertise books for sale and ask for books you want to buy second hand on the Library swap/sale books web page and noticeboard. We try to make sure that anything pinned to one is copied to the other.

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